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8 Do’s and Don’ts Of Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015

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Are you using LinkedIn properly as a networking tool? Have you ever wondered how to use LinkedIn when searching for a job? Social networking takes time to do right. Each site is fraught with its own etiquette, an unspoken list of do’s and don’ts which govern how you should be using the site, creating a profile and engaging with other users.

To help you navigate and use LinkedIn in the most effective way, Zoek have put together a list of 8 crucial do’s and don’ts.  These LinkedIn tips include social media etiquette along with the mistakes you should make sure to avoid. 

4 LinkedIn Do’s:

Do Create A Personal URL: LinkedIn allows you to create a custom URL. This will make you more visible in both Google and LinkedIn searches. Use your name and any industry appropriate keyword, be creative but professional, and finally no nicknames.

Do Add Value: Don’t be a wallflower. Join groups and participate in forums and discussions. Share valuable content in the forms of articles, videos and infographics. Offer advice to others and build a reputation as an expert in your field. Cross promote by sharing content from other websites you may have or follow.

Do Endorse and Recommend: Endorse your connections for skills and ask them to do the same for you. This enhances everyone’s profile and looks good to prospective employers. Also recommend and introduce your connections to to other relevant people when appropriate. Endorsing and recommending help to enhance your standing within the LinkedIn community.

Do Connect: Be proactive in seeking and nurturing relationships. Make an effort to reach out to potential contacts with unique messages. Once connected, nurture the relationship by staying in contact to keep yourself in peoples sphere. Don’t post spammy or annoying content (a big pet hate for many people on LinkedIn are non-professional posts) but do make an effort to keep in touch with your connections.

4 LinkedIn Don’ts: 

Don’t Just Dump Your CV: A LinkedIn profile needs to be much richer than a traditional CV. It should recount your career to date, achievements and qualifications as well as reflecting your personality. Think of it as much as a story as it is a CV. 

Don’t Be Spammy: Spam is prevalent on every social network. Don’t send potential contacts canned responses or outreach messages using a template. They are easy to see through and tend to be ignored. Only share content which is relevant to the groups or discussions you are posting them in.

Don’t Let Your Profile Sit Inactive: Recruiters are looking for active participants in groups and forums, people who keep their profile active. Being active in forums and in your relationships with connections will keep you in peoples mind when they are considering who to hire. Many employers will even use the number of LinkedIn connections to judge a potential candidate, especially in sales and networking roles.

Don’t Treat LinkedIn Like Facebook or Twitter: It is a professional forum first and foremost. Only share relevant, professional content. LinkedIn isn’t the place to share pictures of an evening out or holiday snaps. Remain professional and don’t comment negatively in forums and groups..

How do you use LinkedIn for networking and job searches? Let us know any LinkedIn tips you have discovered by tweeting us at @ZoekAppUk.


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