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Are part time jobs worth it? 

Published: Friday 7th August 2020

Parttime jobs can be good way of working and living more flexibly. For some, working parttime is a lifestyle choice and a way of balancing both a career and personal commitments. For others,  part time jobs mean salary drop and fear of missed career opportunities or progression. Soare part-time roles worth it? Once you have read our guide to working part-time, you might decide if a part-time job is not for you or you will never want to get a full-time job again. 

A growing need for flexible workers and part time jobs

The debate about flexible working is changing. It is not just about working anytime and anywhere. Millions of UK workers – for various personal reasons – are now wanting or needing to work less hours. UK Businesses are increasingly  recognising that part-time employees represent an untapped resource of highly experienced professionals and are now offering more quality, higher paid part-time jobs. 

Work life balance in part time jobs

Person weighing out a work life balance

Working parttime means you are free to make healthier, more balanced lifestyle choices, such as having more time to cook fresh meals, exerciserelax and spend time with familyAs a part-time worker, you will have a lot more energy than someone doing a full day or week’s work. Having more time to rest your body and mind means you will be ready to get stuff done when you are at work. You may also notice improvements in your immune system, digestion, circulation and other key signs of physical health compared to working fulltime.  

People who work in part- time opportunities are less likely to suffer from stress and burnout. Fulltime work can stress your body and mind. Worrying or even doing work outside of your job can be disruptive to your sleep, eating, relation and social patterns. If you currently work fulltime and want to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, choosing something with shorter hours and greater flexibility could work for you. 

Continued career growth 

Many full-time workers believe that switching to part-time work will hinder any chances of career progression. In recent years however, employers have recognised that part-time workers can add real value, skills and experience to their businesses. There should be nothing stopping you from progressing in your part-time role and gaining promotion if your employer acknowledges your achievements. 

American man wear headphones, using laptop, looking at computer screen. Studying, working or translating online concept.

More part time jobs out there 

There are always plenty of part-time jobs available that are ideal for anyone seeking more flexibility, a work-life balance, or simply a little extra cash. Although part-time jobshave tended to be in retail and hospitality, you will now find part-time jobs in many industries due to increased business demand for flexible workers and part-time experts. 

There is no rule that says you cannot have more than one part-time job at a time. If you are the type of person who likes to work full-time hours on a full wage, but does not want to be stuck in one role, why not work two part-time jobsYou wilget to work in different environments with a variety of co-workers, learn new skills and will be less likely to get bored or frustrated than in one role. 

Finding a part time job could not be easier. There are plenty of part time jobs for you to search on Zoek UK. Plus, if you want to be notified about the latest jobs as they come online, download the Zoek app and be the first to apply.  

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