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Bad Bosses: 10 Types You Want To Avoid

Published: Thursday 27th August 2015

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The best bosses inspire, teach and motivate. They communicate goals and objectives clearly and set realistic workloads. They truly see themselves as being part of the team, wanting everyone to achieve.

Unfortunately, not all bosses are great like that. According to research, half of all employees have left a job because of a bad boss. When doing your next job search, what are some of the bosses you want to try to avoid?

The Buddy

Although at first this type of boss will help to make you feel at ease in the office, soon you’ll realise that there is no such thing as boundaries. Well practised at high-fives, the Buddy will expect you to laugh hysterically at all their inappropriate jokes and Facebook posts and find any excuse to drag you to the pub for a ‘brainstorm’.

The Supreme Being 

The biggest characteristic of this type of boss is that they are rarely witnessed in person. Where are they? A secret meeting room, an airport, the golf course? It doesn’t really matter. The Supreme Being can work from anywhere, yet they still appear to know exactly what you’re up to.

The Serial Innovator

Working for the Serial Innovator, you’ll experience a plethora of buzzwords, but a lack of a healthy work-life balance. And while you’re still trying to meet last week’s targets, the Serial Innovator has already moved on to another project.

The Martyr

Unlike the Supreme Being, the Martyr is never not at work. The Martyr will not have had a dentist appointment for years. They can be found working on spreadsheets in the evenings, the weekend and even Christmas Day, and they will usually bombard you with emails to prove it.

The Micromanager

The Micromanager can usually be found watching over your shoulders. They have a talent for nit-picking and enjoy pointing out your mistakes and shortcoming to cover up their own. You might be dealing with a Micromanager boss when you’re asked to cc them into all your outgoing emails.

The Megalomaniac

This is the type of bossy boss who takes their title far too literally. The Megalomaniac will slowly try to infiltrate not only your professional life but your personal one too. They update their own Wikipedia page and will never stop sharing their life experiences in an effort to motivate you to change your ways.

The Thunder Thief

The Thunder Thief takes their name from the fact that they like to steal ideas and take credit for other people’s accomplishments. This type of boss can easily be recognised by the fact that they often join a meeting minutes before it ends.

The Drama Queen 

The Drama King or Queen believes that everything is equally urgent. This is the type of boss who likes to exclaim that all possible tasks should have been completed ‘yesterday’. The Drama Queen drinks a lot of coffee, to maintain their constant state of anxiety.

The Bully

Bullies have refined their mean techniques since high school, elbowing their way to the top. They will establish a group of favourites in the office, forming an awkward clique. If you’re not in it, you can expect to be handed all the admin jobs and have most of your holiday requests declined.

The Goldfish

This type of boss wants to do so many things at once, that they can’t remember what they have done already. The Goldfish will often move from desk to desk, asking for tasks to be carried out urgently, only to forget all about them at a later stage. They spend a lot of time going round in circles.

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