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What companies offer the best company perks?

Published: Tuesday 28th August 2018

Have you ever wondered what companies offer the best company perks to their employees? If you have, this is something you want to be reading….

Fringe benefits

What are they? Why do companies invest in such things?

Fringe benefits are offered in employment as an extra incentive given to employees beyond their salaries. Companies want to attract the best pool of candidates in their recruitment process and they believe by offering extras similarly to those mentioned below, it can help them tremendously in attracting the best talent to their workforce.

Many companies offer a similar salary for new employees and fringe benefits can help draw employees to a single firm. Fringe benefits can be found across: IT jobs, Accountancy jobs,Retail jobs, Digital Marketing jobs, Project manager jobs etc. Even Part – Time jobs have started including fringe benefits to employees. These company perks can range from unlimited paid time off, profit sharing to, free on-site spa services.

Which companies offer the best company perks?  We have ranked them in the order of our favourite, however, you can decide for yourself which one of these intuitive ideas are your favourite and re-rank them…


  1. Facebook: Provides health care coverage and free housing for interns. It is known for its competitive benefits package, many Facebook interns report earning more than $7,000 per month.
  2. Google: Perks include free food, massages, offsite trips to places like Vegas and Hawaii, and a flexible work schedule, although according to one senior software engineer the company environment is so outstanding that “you don’t really want to leave campus.”
  3. TransferWise: The firm takes all staff members away on annual, all-expenses-paid company holidays. They also have built-in office sauna for all employees to use?
  4. Goldman Sachs: The vice president states “the company is devoted to people development and providing high achievers opportunities to grow professionally. As an employee, you are surrounded by intelligent, driven colleagues and have the benefit of a culture that is focused on bringing out the best in you.”  It is a reason for why they offer gender reassignment surgery, a benefit the company has offered since 2008.
  5. Hotjar: Provides employees with €4,000 to build their own office space at home.
  6. JustEat: Gives employees free food and drink every Friday with a resident DJ spinning the decks so that they can dance the evening away at the office.
  7. Money.co.uk: Moved all their staff to a renovated castle with a built in Star Wars themed cinema room.
  8. Cloudreach: Takes all employees on ‘secret holidays’ across Europe and North America to have fun and look at the year ahead.
  9. UKFast: Gives one extra week paid leave when employees get married and £10,000 bonus for ten years’ service to the business.
  10. Starbucks:Benefit or Perk: Starbucks provides full tuition reimbursement for its employees, covering an online bachelor’s degree program through Arizona State University.


As you can see from this blog, many employees value their employees through offering more than just a salary. Mentioned above are only a few companies. Your future job may offer fringe benefits like those mentioned above and it may only be a Zoek away. So, what are you waiting for… start your job search on zoek.uk, we have over 100,000 vacancies with many employers wanting to recruit you!

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