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Best Jobs for Graduates in 2018

Published: Tuesday 28th August 2018

Graduates throwing their hats up at the sky

If you’re leaving university this year, you probably won’t want to remain unemployed for long, so it’s a good idea to start researching where the best opportunities are, and which companies look most attractive, in terms of salary, culture, flexibility and career prospects. On a bright note, the graduate job market looks set to grow this year, but what are the best jobs and how do you find them?

Buoyant job sectors.

Start by looking at the sectors with the most graduate vacancies – that’s where you’ll find the best salaries and packages. It’s in these areas where companies will be doing most to recruit and retain the best talent. Fortunately, the outlook for university leavers this year is good. Statistics show that employers will recruit 3.6% more graduates than last yearWhile starting salaries expect to stay unchanged with a median figure of £30,000, the best wages will be found at investment banks, law firms, oil and energy companies, and retailers. Indeed, retailer, Aldi, are offering an exceptional starting package worth £44,000 to graduates. Construction, especially engineering, is another sector that’s buoyant at the moment with a number of major infrastructure projects, as well as residential housing programmes planned across the UK. Finally, given the growth in digital marketing, there’s evidence of a widening skills gap here, meaning the number of digital marketing jobs available should continue to grow.

Improving benefits

When it comes job benefits and flexibility, there’s been a growing trend in the number of organisations offering more in order to secure the staff numbers they need. One area where this is happening is in IT jobs, particularly software development. The Internet of Things (IoT) has meant a surge in the need for developers in a range of disciplines. It’s thought that employment in this sector could surge by as much as 24% by 2026; that’s considerably more than any other IT niche. Salaries have risen accordingly, but more significantly, employers are latching on to the fact that a developer can work just about anywhere and are offering more flexibility when it comes to working from home. Clearly, this can be a big draw for IT workers looking to reduce the amount of time they spend commuting.

The public sector is another area set to see an increase in graduate jobs this year. A rise of 11% is forecast for vacancies. Civil service jobs have always been attractive due to the benefits and pension packages that come with them, as well as the long-term stability these jobs tend to offer.

Start your job search with Zoek

While many employers are organising recruitment trips to universities, attending career fairs and even running graduate schemes, to source the best graduate jobs on the market, you need a little more inside help. By using the Zoek app, you can get all the details on who’s recruiting, what positions are on offer and how the packages compare. What’s more, the Zoek allows you to search by region. So while many companies are recruiting solely for jobs in London, if you’re looking for jobs in Leeds, jobs in Manchester, jobs in Sheffield or jobs in Liverpool, then it’s much easier to find great jobs closer to where you want to work.

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