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Buzzwords you must include on your CV in 2019

Published: Wednesday 9th January 2019

From a list of top 25 most-viewed jobs, the top 5 most-viewed jobs of 2018 were:  Man holding a magnifying glass

  1. Management Consultant
  2. Communications Assistant
  3. Data scientists
  4. Java Developer
  5. Junior/Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer

Maybe you weren’t lucky with finding a role like any of these mentioned above last year. However, here at Zoek we want to help you find one of these jobs, and hopefully secure the job role too.

Keeping in mind Recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at a CV before moving onto the next. It would be a shame if your CV was to land on the ‘not desirable’ pile of CV’s with the other candidates when you next apply. January 2019 will be an extremely busy start for many recruiters, as they start receiving a swarm of CV’s onto their desk and patiently sieve through for the best candidate.

A man looking at different statistics

Many candidates understand that recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at their CV. This can frustrate many, especially when hours are invested in tweaking a CV for a single job.

However, as you will realise from reading this, employers look out for certain buzzwords. If you include these words and use them effectively in your CV, you’ll be one step closer to finding your dream job. Below is a list of this year’s buzzwords which you can include in your CV.

  • ‘Adaptability’Adapt written on wooden bloacks

The first word is ‘Adaptability’, according to the Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand…

“Employers want their people to be able to pivot to a new role or area of responsibility as things change, and to upskill, to remain on top of new trends relevant to their job function or industry”.

In times of uncertainty, especially with Brexit! Businesses may have to adapt to change quickly. Employers are on the lookout for people who can alternate how they do their roles around the workplace.

  • ‘Analytical thinking’Analytics written on a screen

It is very important for a business to hire a few employees who are great analytical thinkers. These individuals will help make the business far more profitable than how they currently stand. Director at Six Degrees Executive explains…

“Analytical thinking has become a highly sought-after skill. As every function seeks to operate more efficiently and to drive return on investment, the ability to analyse enables informed decision making.”

  • ‘Being Proactive’Active twist button

Change is bound to happen in a fast- moving environment. Employers want to hire someone who can think on their feet, without having to be micromanaged all the time. The ideal employee should be able to work to his/her own initiative, without needing constant feedback from managers.

Using these three buzzwords will help you to improve your CV if you can input them into the right places. Try to build these skills up and give an example of how you were either ‘adaptable’, an ‘analytical thinker’, or ‘proactive’ in the workplace on your next interview. If you can show your next employer you have these skills, you may just get the job.


Have a look on our website for your dream job. Good Luck!

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