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Climbing The Career Ladder: Our Top Tips

Published: Thursday 19th February 2015

Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or make a career change, presenting yourself as the absolute professional will help others see you as you would like to be seen and increase your chances of success. Here are our top 5 tips to help you advance your career

Woman climbing all the way up a ladder and reached the sky - career progression

1.     Plan your career path.

If you know where you want to go, it’s much easier to get there, so make yourself a career plan. First decide where you want to be – and what you’ll need to do to achieve your goal. This could be a plan to gain qualifications, get additional training, or take on new projects. It is important to establish both short-term and long-term goals and set a timescale so you can review your progress periodically.

2.     Build your network.

The saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is very true. Knowing the right people can be a step up the ladder, so networking is essential. Make an effort to go to industry events, and use online professional networks to connect with business associates. Putting your time and effort into maintaining positive and reciprocal relationships that mutually benefit both parties can be an effective means of advancing your career.

3.     Keep your skills up-to-date.

Further study or training can be a great way to boost your career prospects. It shows you are committed to your own professional development and you are engaged and interested in your work. So, keep up-to-date with industry news and the press, take a short course, or consider studying for a relevant qualification. Be sure to master any new technology within your organisation as you go.

Focused young african american businesswoman or student looking at laptop holding book learning

4.     Take advantage of existing opportunities.

Make the most of the opportunities available to you in your current organisation, for example, internal training, appraisals or career development programmes. Getting involved in project work, such as running a campaign or organising an event; provides you with opportunities to learn new skills, expand your knowledge base and improve on any weaknesses.

5.     Demonstrate your leadership skills.

Establish yourself as someone with leadership potential and you’ll gain recognition from your colleagues. Be confident, show initiative, and demonstrate your capacity for management. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, set a good example and take responsibility for your decisions. You want to create a reputation for not just working hard, but also being a fair leader.

In the current economic climate, the job market is extremely competitive; it is no longer enough just to do your job well. You should be hard-working and have the motivation to make a difference to your organisation’s success, in order to get ahead in your career. If you’re thinking of a career change, then head over to Zoek and start applying today! 

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