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Do you know these animation jobs?

Published: Wednesday 28th October 2015

Elephant animation

Today is International Animation Day (IAD), which was first organised over a decade ago by the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) as a worldwide event to celebrate the art of animation. 

The animation industry in the UK is growing, partly due to a tax credit introduced last year and is both the industry and the relevant technology develop, so does the number of available jobs. To celebrate International Animation Day, we have created a short guide to careers in animation. How many of these job titles have you come across in your recruiting career? 


Animators play a part in creating all stages of a finished animation, including plotting the camera moves and editing the soundtrack.  An animator develops all the frames that, when shown consecutively, give viewers an illusion of movement. Animators can work in a range of fields including film, television, and video games. They can produce computer animation, drawn animation, stop motion or 3D. 

Animation storyboard artist

Storyboard artists illustrate the narrative and in order to visualise the story, they work closely with the director and scriptwriter. They plan shots to tell the story and maintain continuity between scenes. Storyboard artists draw scenes either by hand or computer.

Digital painter

Digital painters fill in the images created by animators using a range of software. In some cases, they will be required to clean up animations before colouring. On big productions, they may work as part of a team, which can include others working in the animation industry such as colour stylists, painters and compositors. 


An inbetweener produces the drawings between the main actions in order to complete the illusion of movement. They will often be asked to clean up the drawings made by animators. It is often the case that  aspiring animators spend several years in the ‘inbetween department’ to gain industry experience.  

Model maker

Model makers create the models, puppets and props that are required to produce a stop motion animation. Stop motion is a type of animation created by posing three-dimensional objects frame-by-frame in front of a camera to create the illusion of movement. Model makers should be confident working in many different crafts, such as sculpting, casting and costume making.


Compositors are part of the final part of the production process and are responsible for constructing a final image by combining layers of material received from various sources such as animation, special effects, live action and graphics. They combine these layers by applying technical processes such as keying and rotoscoping. 

Render wrangler

Render wranglers are in charge of the rendering process. In computer-generated imagery (CGI), rendering is the process of converting computer data and turn these in to viewable images. Render wranglers are sometimes referred to as the ‘keeper of the render’.

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For more information on International Animation Day, please visit the website here

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