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Driving Jobs To Race Your Career Forward

Published: Friday 26th June 2015

Happy van driver, with his window down smiling at camera

There are jobs that involve driving, such as sales, and then there are those in which driving is the most significant element of the job. Some of the latter driving jobs, such as driving a truck, bus or taxi, involve having to acquire specific licences but others are accessible by most people who have a regular licence.

Courier/Delivery Driver – Mail and Parcels

The number of parcel and mail delivery companies in the UK has increased significantly since the provision of postal services was deregulated in 2006. Some of these companies have achieved significant market penetration, resulting in them either directly employing delivery drivers or contracting with self-employed owner/drivers to provide services in specific areas.

Working as a permanent employee of a delivery service is the more secure option, but such work is harder to find. Many delivery service companies make liberal use of self-employed drivers, who supply their own vehicles and are paid according to how many parcels they deliver. This has the potential to offer higher earnings than working as an employee, but the hours can be long, the work seasonal and the job security non-existent.

Some jobs in this category require the postholder to have a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) licence, but most do not.

Delivery Driver – Goods

Many retail and wholesale businesses offer delivery of goods direct to their clients, and will usually directly employ drivers to carry out this service. The driver, who may or may not have an assistant, will normally load his or her own vehicle with the products due to be delivered either that day or the following day. Depending on the type of business involved, the driver may also be expected to install products (such as washing machines or cookers) at a customer’s property.

Goods (and, indeed, parcel) delivery may involve lifting heavy items. Drivers will receive training in safe lifting techniques, but some degree of physical fitness is required.

Some retailers and wholesalers contract out part of their delivery services to owner-drivers, who will be expected to meet the company’s standards of customer care and attention, and some jobs in this category will require the driver to hold an LGV licence.

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Car Delivery Driver

A number of companies offer car delivery services. This can involve driving an articulated car  transporter holding several vehicles (for which an LGV licence will be required) or driving either the car that is to be delivered or towing it on a trailer.

Drivers may be expected to deliver a car locally, nationally or even internationally. Given the value of their cargo, employers will normally look to employ drivers who are over 25, have several years’ experience and have no serious criminal or driving convictions. Good customer relations skills are also essential.

Although not a physically demanding job, car delivery is a responsible job that requires great concentration. It can involve driving long distances and overnight stays away from home.

As with other driving jobs, some companies contract with self-employed drivers (who must meet their criteria for experience, character and responsibility) as well as employing in-house staff.

Test Driver

This is a job beloved of car enthusiasts. Car and vehicle manufacturers may make extensive use of computers in car design, but when it comes to evaluating a car there is no substitute for real-world experience. And that’s where test drivers come in.

A test driver will carry out a prescribed test programme in conjunction with vehicle engineers and designers. In the case of a new model, everything from weather-proofing to performance will be rigorously tested before the vehicle is signed off for production.

Testing will also be carried out on vehicles that are in production, as part of the manufacturer’s ongoing development programme. This may involve testing revised components or even evaluating  a prospective addition to that model’s range.

Test drivers must possess a number of qualities: driving skill, an innate feel for car dynamics and behaviour, the ability to consistently drive according to specified parameters, technical knowledge and strong communication skills.

The role of the test driver is a very important one in the vehicle industry. It is a much coveted job and there is great competition for the opportunities that do arise.

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