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Eating healthy while working from home

Published: Wednesday 20th January 2021

When you find yourself working from home, it becomes easier to lose your daily structure. You might find you are snacking between meals, not getting enough nutrition or missing meal times altogether. There are multiple benefits to eating well during a workday. It can help you stay focused, think more clearly and feel more positive. Here’s our tops tips for eating healthy while working from home.

Woman eating healthy outside

Avoid stocking up snacks to maintain focus on eating healthy while working

Over 66% of adults admit to snacking at least once a day. But why is this a problem when you’re working from home? While in the office, snacking throughout the day isn’t as convenient. But when you’re at home, there’s nothing stopping you. 

If you stock up on things like crisps, chocolate, and sweets, as soon as you start to get a bit peckish or stressed, the temptation is all too easy to indulge. If you do struggle to maintain energy levels between meals, consider eating fruit instead. Not only is most fruit more nutritious, but it’s also likely to be lower in fat and sugar. Reducing the amount of sugar you eat will help improve your health and focus at work. Eating healthy while working will also improve your productivity and boost your mood.

Hydration is key

The average person in the UK only drinks 1.7 litres of water per day. Which is below the 2.5 litres that most health organisations recommend. One way we can avoid snacking is by drinking more water. This will help keep your concentration levels high and you’ll just generally feel good.

Man working at home takes a sip of water

Not only that, but you’ll also drink less coffee and tea. While a bit of caffeine is ok to start your morning, don’t try to stay powered up all day. You’ll find yourself not only loading up on calories, but caffeine can also cause issues such as headaches, fatigue, anxiety and digestive problems. Aim to fill up a 500ml water bottle around four times during your working hours.

Meal prepping

A lot of people have started to catch on to this trend of prepping meals for the whole week. And there’s a lot of good reasons why. Not only can this help you eat healthy while working from home, it can also save you a lot of time and energy. Rather than cooking one portion for yourself for every meal time. Try and cook at least seven. Then divide the meals up into microwavable containers and store in the fridge/freezer. 

The second part of this tip will rely on you creating a work from home meal plan of sorts. By planning ahead you can make sure you stock up the ingredients you need to cook large quantities. You can even budget in healthy snacks between meals to your plan. 

Meal prepped into plastic containers

Try to avoid junk food as part of your meal preps. Not only is most junk food not suitable for freezing and reheating, but it’s also probably going to be really high in carbs which will cause you to crash around 3 or 4pm.

Skipping meals

So far we’ve talked about trying to reduce your food intake in between meal times, but that only really applies if you’re actually taking the time to eat full meals when you’re at home. 37% of 25-34 year olds admit to snacking rather than eating a meal once a day. The difference is snacking can go on until you hit the bottom of bag after bag of crisps. Having a set meal will help you limit your overall calorie intake.

After a night of around 6 to 8 hours sleep, your body has probably been starved for around 12 hours. That’s why breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. It helps kickstart your metabolism and get all your bodily organs working properly. But if you skip lunch, the chances are by the end of the working day your body is going to be running low on fuel. This will cause your productivity to drop and is more likely to lead to you snacking or drinking caffeinated drinks. 

Eating healthy foods

Man eating a healthy meal

This isn’t about how to stop eating when working from home, but more about eating healthy while working remotely. You need to think of food as fuel, the same way your car needs fuel. But you wouldn’t fill your car up with more fuel when it still had half a tank left. You also wouldn’t use cheap and poor quality fuel that could clog up your engine and damage your vehicle further down the line.

By seeing food as an energy source, you can put a meal plan into practice that includes healthy foods that help promote a healthy mind for while you’re working. There’s no reason at all why you can’t enjoy a nice Domino’s on a Tuesday or a trip to McDonald’s for breakfast. It’s about moderation and eating healthy around more indulgent eating habits. 

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