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Emerging Industries Set To Change The Job Marketplace

Published: Friday 17th May 2019

Global trends, technological disruption, and social upheaval are reshaping economies and creating emerging industries, businesses, and lifestyles. In turn, this is having a dramatic effect on the recruitment market. New types of jobs are being created in industries and niches that didn’t exist before. For job seekers looking for new opportunities, that means more vacancies in developing sectors.

A rise in veganism is changing the hospitality industry

The rise of Veganism as an emerging industry set to change the job marketplace

2019 could be the year that veganism goes mainstream. Last year, veggie and vegan food sales rose by 85% at Waitrose alone. The phenomenon has seen food companies rush to bring new vegan products to the market – even McDonalds has started selling McVegan burgers.

As a result, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of catering companies and restaurants serving vegan food, and an increase in the demand for vegan chefs, as well as other catering jobs in the hospitality industry. Adverts for job roles based around vegan food have surged on job sites by more than 123% since 2017.

If you’re passionate about vegan food, then this means that there are more opportunities than ever to work in an industry you love. And it’s not just hospitality jobs that are being created for vegans. In retail, a rise in specialist food shops and health stores mean that vacancies are growing there, as well as in ethical fashion stores. Demand for plant-based nutritionists, food scientists and dieticians is up too.

For budding entrepreneurs, if you have a good idea for a vegan-friendly product or service, there’s never been a better time to start out on your own!

Technology is influencing the jobs market too

Technology employee wearing virtual reality goggles

Elsewhere, the growth of new technologies is also being felt in the job market. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is still in the early stages of development, yet experts say that automation technology like this will create 23 million jobs by 2020.

Blockchain is another technology that is creating new jobs. In the UK, there has been a huge increase in Blockchain vacancies with Britain posting three times as many vacancies as Germany. London dominates in terms of Blockchain jobs, but Edinburgh and Belfast are emerging as up-and-coming hubs.

Other expanding niches in the technology arena include the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity. There are a huge number of vacancies being created for those with the willingness to learn the skills required to take on these hi-tech roles.

Planet caretakers required

Planet caretaker - environmental scientist picking up plastic from nature reserve

Similar to the growth in roles for vegan workers, green jobs are being created at a faster rate as more focus is put on preventing further damage to the environment. Alternative energies are still an expanding industry where many new skills are being created, while government reforms mean that environmental scientists are also in high demand.

Whatever new jobs are being created in the coming years, Zoek is committed to being the fastest growing job site where candidates can find the best opportunities in these new sectors. Try a search for the latest vacancies in your chosen niche today.

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