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5 tips to filling gaps in your CV

Published: Friday 23rd October 2020

There are many different reasons why someone may decide to take a break from work. But no matter what the reason is, knowing how to address these empty spaces by filling gaps in your CV can be a challenge. What’s worse, failing to address them appropriately could even lead to missing out on landing your dream job.

To ensure that these employment breaks from work don’t hold you back, here are five tips on effectively filling gaps in your CV.

Focus on your qualifications when filling gaps in your CV

The first thing to do is think of your qualifications and the way to place them correctly within your CV. There are three main types of CVs. These are the chronological which list the job history in chronological order, the functional which focus on skills and experience and a combination of these two.

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When trying to address breaks from work the functional CV is the best option for taking the focus off employment gaps. No matter whether you’re trying to shift the focus off the employment dates, you still have to provide truthful information. That’s where the functional CV format comes in, which highlights your abilities instead of the job history. You’ll still have to summarise your job history, however, all information will be positioned at the bottom of your CV.

In doing so, it makes the employer consider your skills and competences before they wonder about your experience on previous jobs!

Finding freelance work

People may decide to go for a career change and leave a stable job to search for a new one. However, they may realise that due to the economic constraints many companies are currently facing during the pandemic, finding a full-time job may take a bit longer. So, what can you do in the meantime to start filling gaps in your CV?

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You can reach out to your connections and friends for a steady stream of freelance projects. In addition, you could pick up freelance work for a magazine or an academic institution. With these freelance gigs, and maybe even a part-time position, you’ll have enough CV material to fill the yearlong gap between full employment and unemployment/underemployment. Therefore, freelance work, part-time jobs or consulting gigs set a great way to filling gaps in your CV.

Volunteering work for filling gaps in your CV

Volunteering is another great way to fill an employment gap. Seeing volunteer work on your CV shows potential employers you are willing to go over and above to help others and yourself. It’s a great way to show self-initiative, teamwork as well as your own confidence and motivation. For volunteering opportunities available you can search on Zoek or look up the local, well known charity groups in your area and contact them directly.

Get more training

During unemployed periods, it is also advantageous to attend training courses or classes you’ve been meaning to take but simply did not have the time. This will be particularly beneficial in areas that would expand your expertise in new, but related elements of your field. To decide what training to undertake, scan the job descriptions on a site like Zoek to see how often a specific skill or tool is mentioned or required for your preferred jobs.

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Work on building your own personal brand online

Working on creating a credible, online presence will definitely benefit your job search efforts. It makes it easier for Google and thus potential employers to find you, but it can be time consuming which is why now it would be a chance to kick start that project. You can build your own personal brand by creating a personal website or blog, establishing a professional LinkedIn presence and then link all these important elements together.

At the end of the day, the key takeaway is that you and your CV need to impress a potential new employer. Find ways to fill these gaps in your CV, so that you get the chance to showcase your skills properly and land your dream job!

If you’re currently job searching, visit Zoek and start applying from thousands of fresh UK jobs across all types and industries!

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