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Finding A Job and Keeping It Long-Term

Published: Monday 7th September 2015

Male shaking a female employers hand

Queen Elizabeth II has now celebrated her 90th birthday, and is now the reigning monarch.

A lot has changed during the Queen’s long reign; there have been 12 British Prime Ministers and 12 US presidents, as well as a 7 archbishops and popes. But the Queen is not looking to take a day off. On Wednesday, she will be opening the Borders Railway in Scotland.

Although these days, a ‘job for life’ is no longer the standard, there are some tips you can take from the Queen. Aside from the obvious benefit of receiving a steady pay cheque, there are further benefits to finding a job you can stick with for the long run.

You Can Keep Learning

Feeling like your job is challenging can be beneficial at times; a tough job can be a great learning experience. You are also likely to receive training opportunities, such as a chance to attend seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences.

You Will Show Resilience

When faced with a serious challenge at work, you can show strong character by persevering. It is a great opportunity to show off your problem-solving skills and to take an active role in turning a situation around. When you stay at the same company for a longer period of time, dealing with a range of different challenges during your employment will show your flexibility and ambitions.

You Have Access To Networking and Professional Opportunities

Being in a job for longer means that you get to enjoy greater social and networking opportunities. Staying for a good few years also demonstrates a level of dependability that companies will generally reward and respect. If you have a career goal you’re trying to achieve within a certain time frame, staying in one job for a bit longer could make your CV stronger and help you achieve that goal faster.

You’ll Gain Confidence

When you get better at what you do, this will cause a boost to your self-esteem. It takes a person two years on average to learn everything there is to know about their office position, after which they are usually promoted to more senior roles.

You Will Enjoy Stability

Career stability can help you deal better with the stresses of your everyday life. Stability can also allow you to pursue some of your other passions outside of work.

You’ll Show Flexibility

Most people who stay at a company for a decade will progress through multiple different roles. This type of variety can help you determine what part of your career you’re most passionate about, and also allow you to show off your best skills to your boss.

Finding a job that enables you to stay with one company for a longer period of time can be a tricky search. To help you find your exact match, why not download Zoek, the new job searching app? The app for faster, smarter recruitment can be downloaded on iOS or Android and aims to match job searchers to their ideal job at the click of a button.


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