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Finding Jobs In The Healthcare Sector

Published: Friday 24th April 2015

Healthcare is one of the most diverse sectors in the UK jobs market, employing teams of professionals such as specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics who provide healthcare services to patients, to frontline staff, managers and administrators that enable the system to work. The majority work in National Health Service (NHS) jobs but many are also employed in the private sector, either working for small businesses or in private healthcare jobs for large companies like BUPA or AXA. As diverse as people who work in healthcare jobs might be, they are all united by their passion for providing excellent healthcare for patients. There are actually hundreds of jobs available within the healthcare sector and here are some of the most popular roles below. 

Top Healthcare Jobs 

4 doctors on hospital floor

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a rewarding role where you offer crucial medical support within a team. You need to be a compassionate individual who can support patients during potentially difficult moments and have the resilience required for shift work. Nurses need a Nursing Degree, which provides them with technical knowledge, as well as on-the-job training. Nurses work in the NHS or the private sector in different environments such as hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and patient’s homes and can specialise in different fields. 

Doctor Jobs

Being a doctor is one of the most rewarding but challenging jobs you can have. Doctors are responsible for diagnosing patients, deciding upon an appropriate course of treatment and monitoring their progress. You need to be sensitive enough to deal with patients who might be having difficult medical experiences, as well as having a strong academic mind. To get a job as a doctor you first need a medical degree, for which the admissions process can be tough, and then complete your practical training as a junior doctor afterwards. 

Ambulance Service Team and Paramedic Jobs

Ambulance in London

The most famous faces of the Ambulance Service Team are the paramedics that operate the emergency ambulances that respond to emergency 999 calls each day. Paramedics are supported by a large back up team, such as communications staff who take the emergency calls. There are also teams that staff the non-emergency ambulances that often help more vulnerable people get to and from hospital for treatment, and to clinics and day centres. Entry requirements for ambulance and paramedic jobs differ depending on the role and NHS Trust you are working for but on-the-job training options are available.

Healthcare Administrative Jobs

Hospitals, practices, clinics and scientific research facilities all require the support of skilled administrative staff. If you have a background working in an administrative or secretarial job in any other type of industry and want to move into a role that is more rewarding, the good news is that there are thousands of administrative healthcare jobs that are open to people from other sectors with strong administrative skills. If you wish to specialise there are Office Manager roles or Medical Secretaries that support consultant doctors. 


Midwife wearing mask, holding baby carefully in her arms

The job of a Midwife is to provide medical support to mothers-to-be during the vital stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. As well as working on maternity units midwives work in the community, the mother’s home, GP’s surgeries and children’s centres. To be a midwife you need a Midwifery Degree, or to be a qualified nurse and take on extra study. You need strong interpersonal skills to support mothers, fathers and their families at what will probably be one of the most emotional periods of their lives and you need to be able to stay calm and make quick decisions.

How to Apply for a Healthcare Job

If you want to apply for a public sector healthcare job, the NHS Jobs website advertises their current healthcare vacancies. To cast their net wide the NHS also advertises with private recruiters, especially for non-medical roles such as administrators, receptionists, managers and catering staff. Private medical companies advertise roles with private recruiters and advertise jobs directly on their websites. 

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