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Five of the Highest Paying UK Jobs for Your 2020 Job Search

Published: Monday 6th January 2020

The best paid UK jobs vary from year to year, but while you’d expect some positions, such as CEO, to rank highly every year, you might be surprised by some of the rest. Here’s what’s forecast to be the biggest paying jobs of 2020, with a few tips on how you can get on the road to securing one of these high flying roles.

High paying uk job businessman concept

Aircraft Controller – It will come a surprise to many that aircraft controllers command some of the highest salaries in the UK, averaging £1960 per week. While that mightn’t be in the same league as a corporate executive, that’s still a very attractive salary for a job that doesn’t require a degree. However, the job does come with a huge amount of responsibility – and, there is a lot of training, tests and exams to get through to qualify as an aircraft controller. Competition for places is fierce.

Pilots and Flight Engineers – Also in the aviation sector, pilots and flight engineers staff saw a 10% increase in salary during 2019, bringing their average earnings to over £86,000. Just be aware that the costs of training to become a pilot can be anywhere between £40,000 and £120,000, so a significant portion of your starting salary might be needed to recoup your training costs. On the other hand, to get started as a flight engineer, you’ll just need a degree in aeronautical engineering, so that might be the more economical career choice.

Pilot job

Legal Professionals – A degree in law can open up countless high paying job opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. A graduate can start on £54,000 and expect to see that salary rise by another £25,000 every five years after that. Again, however, the road to becoming a solicitor is a long one – taking at least six years until you land that first big pay cheque.

Dentists and Medical Practitioners – Both dentists and doctors sit on similar salaries estimated in the region of £79,000 to £82,000 for 2020 – not a massive pay rise from the previous year, but worth noting as these two career categories have traditionally been the highest paid earners in the UK. Like so many on our list though, becoming a medical professional takes a lot of hard work and competition for places at both medical and dental schools is heated. Only the most academically gifted make it.

Medical professional at work with colleagues. Concept of a high paying uk job.

MD’s/CEO’s – As you might expect, the number one spot for high earners in the UK job market is reserved for the men and women responsible for the success of the UK’s biggest companies. Average CEO remuneration stands at about £3.9 million with year-on-year growth of about 11%. The good news is you don’t need any qualifications to become a chief executive (although a business degree wouldn’t hurt). In fact, many CEO’s have worked their way from the factory floor up. However, you can expect incredibly long hours and a lot of work, effort and luck over many years to make it to the top.

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