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Five skills you can gain from being Self-Employed

Published: Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Female managing a team of 6 people around a table

Today, more people than ever are self-employed in the UK. Whether it’s in the gig economy or as a professional sole trader, many individuals find themselves being self-employed at some point in their career and, even if it is only short term, there are skills that can be picked up during this time that can useful to add to your CV should you decide to move back into the PAYE workforce.

Male communicating idea to a boardCommunication and negotiation

When it comes to developing your employability skills, having spent time dealing directly with clients and pitching for work demonstrates that you have nurtured your abilities in the areas of communication, negotiating and sales. Depending on the role, these can all be appealing to future employers when appraising your CV – which means you’re more likely to secure an interview for a new job where you can put these skills to the test.

Time managementFemale managing time, turning clocks

When it’s just you doing all the work, it can be difficult to manage a heavy workload, pitch for new business and keep existing clients happy, while simultaneously handling all the administration that comes with running a business. But, that’s exactly what thousands of one-person businesses do every day all over the UK and it’s this sort of initiative and determination that employers like to see in their own workforce.

Female managing team of 6 employeesManagement and leadership

Some self-employed individuals have to hire others to help with them with meeting the demands faced by the business. Obviously, recruiting and managing these workers requires yet another set of skills that, again, will be in demand with certain employers, depending on the job for which you’re applying.

female sitting down problem solving with notepad and pencilSolving problems and delivering results

During your time as a self-employed individual, you will certainly have become more results-driven. As well as having set targets for yourself, you will have had to deal with many challenges that are not commonplace in a typical PAYE workplace, such as handling your own finances and budgets, marketing your business and building relationships with both suppliers and customers – all skills you that will strengthen your CV.

female caring for an elderly gentlemanEmotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a very valuable commodity in the workplace and it’s something you develop quickly when you work for yourself. This is because you are solely responsible for the success of the business and for earning enough to pay the bills. Typically, employed in a large business, the management team is ultimately responsible for keeping the business profitable, while everyone else is focussed on their own role as part of the bigger picture. When you’re working on your own, you become mindful of your own emotions and how to control them to get the best outcome when dealing with others. Likewise, you understand how emotions affect how others behave too.

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