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Great Recruitment Campaigns Deliver Great Jobs

Published: Tuesday 9th October 2018

Female pilot ready to take off looking at a map

Recruitment advertising has become more creative than ever with ads such as EasyJet’s latest campaign challenging gender stereotyping and aiming to get more females applying for pilot jobs at the budget airline.

The EasyJet jobs ad is a good example of how employers and ad agencies are using creativity when campaigning for hard-to-fill positions or to shift common misconceptions while recruiting. Here are a few other examples of creative recruitment ads that caught the attention of candidates and made sure the recruiter had plenty of applications to choose from.

DIY recruitment

Male looking at instructions manual preparing for DIYAs well as offering an exceptional working environment, Ikea is up there with the best when it comes to creative ad campaigns. There’s evidence in abundance of that in this campaign to recruit new staff for the Australian operation. The Swedish giant hid job descriptions inside each pack of furniture sold, securing 4285 applications and 280 new hires. Not bad for an ad campaign that cost next to nothing.

An appetite for great candidates

male and female looking at a display screen viewing graphicsSometimes the simplest ads are the most effective. When Apple was looking to hire designers, the creative team designed an ad that showed the Apple logo with several bites taken out of it. And the headline? ‘Hungry Designers Wanted’.


99.9% need not apply

Informing candidates that they shouldn’t apply for a position mightn’t sound like a great basis for an recruitment campaign, but not everyone makes the grade for the Royal Marines, so the slogan used here was right on the money. The campaign won a few awards, as well as more than its share of quality candidates.

The foundations of success

3 red bricksEver wondered how advertising agencies recruit for staff? World-renowned agency Ogilvy had a very innovative strategy when looking to hire the ‘ultimate salesperson’. The firm requested that applicants send in a video demonstrating their sales skills. The goal was to successfully sell a brick to the agency. The best got to present their pitch at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and the winner picked up a paid three month internship at the agency.

Flipping foreigners

Group of happy multi ethnicity employeesMcDonalds, like EasyJet, knows how to address discrimination in the workplace in this campaign. The company ran a billboard that exclaimed: ‘We don’t hire Turks, Greeks, Poles, Indians, Ethiopians, Vietnamese, Chinese or Peruvians’. What initially appears to be a very offensive statement was enough to catch the eye of thousands of prospective candidates, but it was the motivating pay-off line that made so many apply – ‘We hire individuals’.

A colourful career

Sometimes the best way to identify the best talent for a job is to see what they can do first hand. Which is why a tattoo parlour advertising for a new artist asked candidates to apply by colouring in the outline of a QR code. Obviously, if you didn’t have a steady hand and an eye for detail, the code wouldn’t work and you couldn’t apply. Very clever!

Of course, like these examples, some ads simply stand out, but not every business has the cash for a multi-million recruitment campaign and some of the best jobs slip under the radar. That’s why, at Zoek UK, we give clients the opportunity to post their ads cost-effectively on our job board, which means our candidates get access a huge range of great jobs online. What’s more, you can tailor your search using a number of different parameters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for creative jobs in Birmingham, nursing jobs in London, or IT jobs in Manchester, you’ll find it all Zoek UK.

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