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HCA Interview questions, answers, tips

Published: Friday 7th April 2017

Nurse comforting patient


Preparing for and succeeding in your next Health Care Assistant job interview is no different to any successful job interview – prepare thoroughly (and dress smartly and be on time). This article provides you with some insights and tips on how to sail through the HCA interview.

As always, do your research ahead of the interview. Find out what you can about the institution or company, and be ready to answer the basic question ‘What do you know about us?’ We’ve talked before about the difficult interview questions that usually get thrown at you. It’s inevitable, so have your answers ready. Similar to this is the question ‘Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses’. We all have them, turn the latter into the former! ‘Describe what being a team player means to you’ should prompt you to talk about how you thrive in a situation where you work closely with others, an attribute essential for someone who works as an HCA, but be sure to qualify your obvious team player quality with being about to act independently. ‘Tell us about yourself’ is another opening question; highlight your experience, and specifically your passion, for the position. Let’s now look at some more specific question that might come up in an HCA interview. If a patient told you they were being abused, what would you do? Answer this by showing your calm, considered approach to situations like this. You’d share their concerns with a supervisor, but equally, you’d reassure the patient that you were taking their concerns seriously. How would you deal with a difficult patient? Again, the interviewer is looking for answers that show your ability to work under pressure. Of course, it depends on what ‘difficult’ means, and it might be worth asking for clarification on this. But generally we’re talking about your personal skills, and first and foremost your patience. Show you can keep your temper, don’t take things personally, and that you can take a calm, considered and professional approach. An HCA interview question along the lines of How would you use good communication to benefit the team? begs a candidate to demonstrate a number of attributes, including professionalism, self-awareness, an ability to learn and improve, and an indication of your specific communication style/teamwork and attitude. What is your best asset? is always answered with examples of your listening skills, patience, professionalism and experience with dealing people, if not with your specific experience. Depending on the experience level required of the role you are interviewing for, you may have to field specific medical questions. These are beyond the scope of this article, but it goes without saying that some serious preparation for questions like this will go a long way to helping you answer these questions, acing the interview, and landing your ideal Healthcare Assistant job.

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