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Highly Effective Strategies For Getting Your Next Promotion

Published: Thursday 7th May 2015

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Like it or not, getting a promotion at work, is about more than just hard work and ability, this approach might have worked at school but sadly could see you getting overlooked in the workplace. Women especially, often struggle to climb the career ladder because they find asserting themselves a challenge. According to Karen Gill, founder of global membership network Everywoman, and discussed in The Guardian; men spend 20% of their work time plotting strategies for achieving the next rung, whereas women keep their heads down and do the job to hand. If you’re sick of being the underdog, don’t despair, there are strategies to help you become a highly effective workplace player, who is more likely to receive a promotion at work.

Although many of us are uncomfortable with putting ourselves forward, if you think you are due a promotion at work you should discuss it with your manager. A tactful way to bring up the subject is to say something like, “I think I’m ready to move on to the next level” then point out where you go over and above your current job description. Although you may not get rewarded with a promotion straight away, you will have effectively told your manager to pay attention to you over the time ahead and assess your readiness for a promotion at work.

During the process of being considered for a promotion at work, it is very important that you draw attention to the contribution you make. Highly effective people tend to play to their strengths and put themselves forward. Their less effective counterparts tend to dwell on their weaknesses and sometimes get bogged down by the resulting self-doubt. A subtle but effective way to play to your strengths is to record and quantify the results of your work. You could set up a weekly report which records your output and the contribution you have made. It’s hard to argue with facts and numbers. Also be sure to remind your manager of the ongoing tasks you perform on a weekly or monthly basis, as unfortunately hard work can all to easily be taken for granted when things seem to be running smoothly.

Whilst gunning for a promotion at work, it is also important that you win the trust and support of the team around you.Never set yourself up against your colleagues, or get too bogged down with work to engage with others. It’s a dangerous game where you risk isolating yourself within the team. Instead work on your personal brand by being the team player who always supports their colleagues, even if you only make simple gestures, as it is likely to strengthen your reputation within the company. Another way of building your personal brand is to always be seen to have a positive attitude towards your work. Never be the worker who spends their coffee breaks complaining and watch what you post on social media as well; you never know who might be looking over your shoulder. You want to convey a positive attitude and high morale.

Finally, whilst you are aiming for a promotion at work, remember to remain resilient. Remember that progress comes in waves, so you will take steps forward, as well as backwards, as you climb the career ladder. If you receive a setback, the worst thing you can do is allow yourself to be disheartened and give up. Try to deal with setbacks and interview rejection constructively, to help you build upon your performance in the future.

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