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How Has Job Hopping Changed Recruitment?

Published: Tuesday 31st March 2015

Traditionally, hiring managers and career nomads weren’t a great mix.  Yet these days, if your overlook candidates because they have switched jobs too many times, you could be missing out on potentially great talent. So, how has job hopping changed recruitment?

Job Hopping – A Hop For Life

The job market has changed, particularly since the last recession. Job longevity is becoming a thing of the past and both recruiters and employers are developing a different outlook on job hopping. One thing the recession highlighted is that employees who worked in many different places tend to have more transferable skills than those who stuck to one role for one company, making them more employable. 

Man searching job on a laptop

Reasons To Job Hop

The Millennial generation is especially prone to frequent change, with just over two years spent on average in any one job. When looking at the job market as a whole, 44% of workers expect to change jobs 3-5 times during their career. But 1 in 4 people aged between 16 and 34 are aiming for up to 12 jobs throughout their careers. 

There are many reasons for job hopping so frequently. When starting out in a new career, it can be a great way of finding out what they value in a job. Job hopping can be advantageous for people who work in the creative or technology industries, because it allows them the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in different environments.  Moving around often is also a way to keep their technological skills current, which is particularly important in such a highly competitive market. 

Another reason for the increase in ‘frequent hopping’ is the development of technology, which makes it so much easier to gain access to new opportunities. The Internet is allowing for more information and resources, while both social and professional networks are more influential than ever before. 

Businessmen with suitcase hopping over treadmill barrier

Recruiting Hoppers

As a recruiter letting go of the prejudice surrounding job hoppers, should help you attract talent. The last thing any recruiter wants to do is find a candidate who will cost their client money by leaving within the year. But as long as a candidate can justify the many movements on their CV, their job switches shouldn’t simply be seen a sign of their disloyalty, but as a sign of their ambition and eagerness to learn. It’s important to bear in mind that although it’s true that some candidates go from one job to another because they want to escape, others do so in order to grow.  

Candidates who have experienced a range of different workplaces and jobs are likely to be adaptable and ready to take risks. They are also more aware of their personal skills and how best adapt these to a new environment. When you come across a job-hopper, there is one CV check that might put your mind at ease: Did the candidate advance every time they moved on to a new job? If so, then the prospect of a good career path at your client’s company might finally cause them to stop hopping.

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