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How to ace your Recruitment job interview

Published: Monday 20th April 2015

Recruitment provides a fast-paced and dynamic career in one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. The environment is very driven, and your product and target audience are continually shifting. Essentially a sales job, working as a recruiter can be a very well paid career route. It is a lively, challenging and very interesting role, where you will be interacting and communicating with people throughout the day, and you will need a strong set of skills to be really successful. It is a rewarding role too, not just financially. By placing candidates in the right role for them, where they have the opportunity to excel, you can make a very real difference to their working lives and to their employers’ success.

Do you want to work in Recruitment? 

You have spent time crafting the best CV and cover letter you could, ones which really sell you. Finally, after sending out applications and contacting different recruitment companies you are there and have your interview for a recruiter job. Everything is going great. Then you stop and think – how do you stand out at the interview stage? After all, you have set your heart on that recruitment job. 

A man happy he has passed his interview in front of a panel

Skills, qualities and attributes you need to stand out

Once you have secured the interview you need to plan how you will stand-out from the crowd at the interview stage. Yes, you will highlight and discuss your relevant experience and work history but there is more to standing out at an interview than recanting your CV aloud. 

Personal qualities for a job in Recruitment

In your interview there are several personal qualities which you should be highlighting to really sell yourself. You need to demonstrate that you are:

● Driven and determined

● Dynamic and flexible

● A career orientated and focused individual

● A good communicator and negotiator

Be a born Salesman

Every day in your job as a recruitment consultant or recruiter you will be selling, selling and selling. You’ll sell candidates to employers and vice-versa. Demonstrate your skills in the interview by selling yourself to the recruiter or panel interviewing you. Convince them of why you are the perfect candidate for the role. Successful recruiters have a naturally ‘salesy nature’. 

Be a great narrator

recruiter listening to candidate in a job interview. recruitment concept.

Show how you are a skilled and eloquent speaker. Show that when you talk, and talk with conviction, people listen and take you seriously. Over the phone when you are selling a role, a candidate or your agency, you need to make people stop and listen. Show how well you can do this in the interview and use communication skills to sell yourself. 

Be a great matchmaker

Alongside being a successful salesperson you need to be a great matchmaker – it will make sales easier to do! Show how you can quickly develop an understanding of what client companies are looking for in candidates and what candidates are looking for. In short show the recruiting manager you can quickly understand a marketplace and the needs of individuals in it. 


Recruitment is a hard and harsh industry, as any sales or customer service related job can be. Let your positive, bubbly and upbeat attitude shine through. Successful salespeople manage to remain upbeat, even on that last call at the end of a bad day full of rejection. When unsuccessful, you need to be unfazed. Illustrate this with previous experience but also though your nature and how you come across. 

Be modern

Recruitment is at the cutting edge of today’s technology. Your job will run on the latest software platforms and understanding IT is an integral part of the job. You can’t do it without the tech. Show your experience in software, IT and social media – which is becoming a much more important recruitment channel. 

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