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How difficult is it to get jobs in Glasgow? 

Published: Monday 20th July 2020

Opportunities for those looking for work in Glasgow have arguably never been greater, with the city continuing to cherish its old established industries, while also showing itself to be one of the most forward-thinking and diverse cities in the UK. As Scotland’s largest city, it is home to a broad range of industries and employers and has benefited from huge investments in recent years which has made it easier for job seekers to find jobs in Glasgow. 

Jobs in Glasgow offer opportunities to people with a wide range of qualifications and experience across a range of different industries. Employers in the city seek workers of varying skill-sets and this means that finding work in Glasgow is a lot easier than in many other parts of the UK .

Jobs in Glasgow: Something for everyone

The Crossway of Queen and Ingram streets in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Jobs in Glasgow, living and working in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to well over half a million people, making it the largest city in Scotland and it houses more than 10% of the total population of Scotland. You may be forgiven for thinking, therefore, that looking for work in Glasgow is a highly competitive process. However, the large number of different employers, across a wide number of industries mean that whatever type of job seeker you are, there is something for you.  

Currently, there are almost 9,000 different companies hiring in the city, in both the public and private sector. This represents a huge amount of potential for those seeking jobs in Glasgow. Retail is a high-recruitment sector in Glasgow, with supermarket giant Tesco employing over 30,000 people in the city, while many of the best-known retailers in the UK have outlets across Glasgow. The city has also benefited hugely from investment in hospitality and tourism and this is a sector which provides many opportunities for jobs in Glasgow 

Walking towards the entrance to Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland

The local authority is another big employer in the city, as well as other public bodies such as the NHS and educational institutions at primary, secondary and third-level. Glasgow has always had a rich history of manufacturing, particularly in the shipbuilding industry. Although manufacturing across the board in the UK has experienced something of a downturn in the last two decades, manufacturing in Glasgow remains strong, with employers recruiting in shipbuilding and engineering. Glasgow is also a forward-looking city and has embraced new industries, such as digital technology and this rapidly growing sector provides many opportunities for those looking for work in Glasgow. 

Investment and growth

Glasgow is a major success story in terms of investment and growth. Its GVA is higher than the UK average and it is seen as highly attractive for investors, but nationally and internationally. It is also a major beneficiary of the City Deal scheme which, among other areas, is targeted at tackling unemployment in the city, particularly among young people and those how find it difficult to get into employment.  

Buchanan Galleries shopping centre in Glasgow.

Making work pay with jobs in Glasgow

A job search in Glasgow will throw up a diverse range of professions in many different industries and a broad range of pay. Many companies in Glasgow are committed to paying the National Living Wage to ensure anyone who is looking for work in Glasgow will be able to live comfortably. The Living Wage is slightly above the National Minimum wage and, as of April 2020, it is at £8.72 an hour for over 25s and £8.20 for those between the age of 21 and 24. For 18-20-year-olds it is at £6.45 an hour.

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