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How To Hire and Build A Great Sales Team

Published: Thursday 30th July 2015

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Whether you are in your first managerial or recruitment role or have been in the job for a while, you should know the value that having a great team behind you brings to productivity, sales and revenue.

Building a great team, for any aspect of your business, is about choosing the right people and putting them in the right places. 

The best teams are bigger than the sum of their parts. That doesn’t mean that recruiters should ignore each individual hire. Indeed recruiters need to examine how each new hire will fit into the sales team dynamic, how will their skills, experience and personality complement the existing team. 

Hiring new sales staff can steadily increase sales, but hiring the wrong staff can hurt sales, erode profits, damage customer relationships and be destructive to a business’s images in the marketplace. 

5 Ways To Hire and Build A Great Sales Team 

1. Evaluate Your Current Sales Team

For a business looking to establish a new sales team this means reviewing and evaluating why and how customers have come to you so far. Create a flow chart of your customer’s journey up until they purchase your product or service, so that you can see where your sales team fits in to this. 

Established businesses should evaluate their current sales team. What are the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and the team as a whole? Are there any skills gaps which you could look to fill? 

2. Sales Productivity and How To Measure It

The simplest way to measure productivity is to look at the value of business generated by each sales person. You can divide total sales by the number of sales staff or, more usefully, look at individual sales – if recorded. Does one member of the team stand out head and shoulders above the rest, or do just a few staff members carry the whole team? Productivity also needs to take into account customer satisfaction. Are your sales team driving revenue now at the cost of alienating customers later? 

3. Consider How You Sell To Customers

Again hiring managers and recruiters need to look at the customer journey in relation to their sales teams. Before starting the recruitment process, decide what communication channels are important for your customers such as via phone, face-to-face, online chat or even through social media. Draw up a list of requirements and a description of what you need the sales team to do. Next, review how your current team’s skills match up to these anticipated customer needs and check their performance against your businesses current and future requirements. 

4. Personality Counts

Think of your sales staff as frontline troops. They are the first and last point of contact which many customers have with your business. Their personality and manner needs to reflect your core business ethos and values. The method by which you sell to customers should be reflected in the people you hire. If you sell online or over the phone, good written English or a relaxing telephone manner is an obvious but vital need. If you sell on ‘the shop floor’ then sales staff need to easily and quickly build a rapport with customers. 

5. Ask Employees For Referrals

There are many ways to find new members of staff, recruitment agencies, jobs boards, job search apps or even getting referrals from current members of your team. The chances are that your best sales staff know people who possess the skills and experience necessary and would be happy to work for you. 

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