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How To Land An Interview Call

Published: Tuesday 26th May 2020

When job searching, you know the drill. You find a job advert, browse through the job description, fill out the application, and attach your CV. And then you wait patiently in the hope of hearing back from recruiters. But what happens when you come across that perfect job? That job you’ve always dreamed about and can’t bear the thought of being just another one of thousand CVs tossed onto the pile. When it really matters to you, is there a way to ensure you stand out from the competition and land this long-awaited interview call?

Applying for your dream job and waiting for a response can be an excruciating process, especially when not hearing back and wondering if something is wrong with your CV. That’s why we’ve put together a short video on the top 7 tips to help you freshen up your CV so that you eventually land your much-anticipated interview call!

Tip 1: Replace Job Descriptions With Accomplishments To Land An Interview Call

Don’t make the mistake of hiding your accomplishments on your CV. Many job seekers fail to recognise the difference between job duties and accomplishments, mistakenly using duties to refer to their previous work experience. However, writing accomplishment statements on your CV is a highly effective method to impress hiring managers and increase your chances of standing out from the crowed.

After all, you want to give recruiters a fair idea of what you can do for them. What’s more, just putting your weekly assignments on your CV won’t help you make any such impression.

Tip 2: Replace Text Based Template With Video CV

Although video CVs aren’t about to blow traditional ones out of the water, they can certainly compliment your job application and help you stand out. Although not suitable for every type of job or all industries, video CV’s are becoming increasingly popular. With hiring managers typically overwhelmed with several candidate applications for every single vacancy, it’s crucial to make yours truly stand out. A well-made video CV is a proven way to let your personality shine and impress them in order to land your next interview call!

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Tip 3: Tell Data Stories Using Infographics To Land Your Interview Call

A very uncomfortable truth is that despite you spending hours looking over every detail in your CV, the recruiter will only give it around 6 seconds before deciding if you’re a good fit or not to qualify for the next round. This means that in order to make it to the interview call phase, you have to catch their eye.

And you can accomplish that through an infographic when designing your CV. In essence, it lets you use graphics and illustrations to present key information about your work experience and capabilities. Think data and eye-catching! In doing so, your profile looks instantly cleaner, more concise, and much easier to skim, attracting the hiring managers attention.

NOTE: Make sure to not get carried away with graphics and fonts as you will risk making your CV hard to read.

Tip 4: Replace “Objective” Section With Your Career Summary

Replace your professional objective for a career statement that showcases your value to employers. A career statement highlights what you have brought, and will continue to bring, to the table as opposed to talking about what you want them to do for you.

Tip 5: Showcase Your Professional Growth And Contributions

It is crucial that you highlight your professional growth and contributions. To achieve that, word your experience headings in a way to contribute to your personal brand. Include skills that are relevant but do not limit your experience to paid employment. Experience may also come from part-time roles, internships, volunteering, military experience, memberships, and other activities.

Tip 6: Optimise Your CV To Suit The Industry

When it comes to job applications and CVs, one size does not fit all. Hiring managers expect to see how your skills and experience match the specific role that they’re recruiting for. Consequently, optimising your CV by using relevant keywords and tailoring it to suit the role is crucial. It’ll show employers you’re a serious candidate, you really want to work for them and your dedication.

Tip 7: Groom Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the best social platform for growth and networking. If you don’t use it effectively, you may end up squandering considerable time and still not be helpful or make any difference to your job search. But when LinkedIn is used correctly then it can perform near miracles for your career development and professional advancement. You can find some helpful tips on how to use LinkedIn while networking for a job here.

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