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How to leave a positive impression at the end of a job interview?

Published: Wednesday 10th April 2019

One of the most difficult parts of any job interview can be at the end when the interviewer enquires if the candidate has any questions they’d like to ask. While the most obvious answer might be to respond that you don’t have any questions, that would be a mistake, because this where you have an opportunity to leave a positive impression on your interviewer before leaving the meeting.

Job seeker amongst other job seekers waiting

Prepare in advance

As with any job interview, preparation is vitally important for success. As part of your pre-interview routine, you should have researched the firm and the role. This will help when it comes to these critical end of interview questions. For instance, if you came across any dead ends on your research, here is where you can get clarifications by enquiring about certain aspects of the job specification.

You can also ask enthusiastically about any projects that the company has in the pipeline, and, if possible, explain how your experience or skillset can help with those endeavours. If you’ve researched the company thoroughly, you might be able to surprise the interviewer with some impressive knowledge that they’re not even aware of.

The key is to ask questions that can lead to a response that can help you persuade the employer that you are the right person for the job. For instance, asking how the role fits into the team or the overall structure of the organisation can lead to you explaining how you have previous experience in a similar job.

Woman in a interview for a new job

Be creative to leave a lasting impression

More practical questions might include what a typical working day in your new job would look like, or how your performance would be measured over the initial few months in the job. These all show that you’re using your initiative and thinking ahead about how you would apply your own particular talents to the role.

Taking a subtle interest in the people who already work at the company won’t hurt your chances. Avoid questions that revolve around how you stand to benefit, instead focus on the company. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their job, so you could even ask the interviewer what they like about working there and what they think of the company culture.

Ask for the job

Your ultimate goal is to secure the job, so ask for it – tactfully, of course. For instance, you could ask if there’s anything that might stop you from getting the job. This is useful in case you’ve missed out on some detail that’s important for the interviewer. Follow on with questions on starting work at the company. If you’re already in a job, it might be useful to know a potential start date, or you may have a question regarding the terms of employment.

Man in job interview shaking hands with employees

Finally, make sure your interviewer has everything they need from you to make a decision. Enquire if there was anything you said that the interviewer wasn’t clear about, or anything they would like you to expand upon.

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