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How To Make A Good Impression On Your First Day In A New Job

Published: Wednesday 29th July 2015

First day of a young engineer trying to impress senior

After days, weeks or even months of planning, CV writing, job searches and interviews you’ve finally made it. You have secured a new job, perhaps even your dream role. Time to relax, right? Not quite yet. Next comes the final stage in getting a new job, the first day there and with your first day in a new job comes the need and desire to make a good first impression.

Making a good first impression on your new manager, colleagues and any customers you will be interacting with is critical and can set up how others view you. During your first day in a new job it can certainly feel like the pressure is on. During that critical first day, whatever your workspace is like, office, retail or commercial, there are several key things you should keep in mind to make a good first impression as you walk in the front door.

6 Key Ways To Make A Good First Impression In your New Job

1. Dress For Success

Your last workplace might have been suited and booted or as casual as possible. Pay close attention to what people are wearing when you visit for your interview. Though you might not have to wear a suit, slouching in gym gear might not send the best image to your new co-workers. 

Dress in a manner which is appropriate to the company’s culture. Check before your first day to see if there are any dress codes or if you are required to wear a uniform. If in doubt it’s always better to overdress than underdress. 

2. Be Punctual

This tip begins the night before by making sure that you have a good night’s sleep. Get to bed at a reasonable time and wake up a little earlier than you need to. Plan a route into your new workplace and aim to arrive early. By arriving a little early you’ll let your new manager and colleagues know you are serious about your new role, which carries over into achieving deadlines and delivering work. 

Your first day could be a little hectic and at the end of the day there’s the temptation to head home at 5.30 prompt. Stay a little later and don’t be the first to fly out of the door. Coming in late or leaving early can instantly affect your reputation – just as you are establishing it. Start out by being dedicated and flexible. 

3. Do Your Research 

It goes without saying that before you sent in your application or attended the interview you researched the company first, but it pays to re-read your research again before your first day in the new workplace. Before your first day make sure that you are familiar with what the company and your team does as well as having a good idea of what your role will be. 

Read up on the latest industry news and any news on the company to avoid potentially saying something wrong. 

4. Make Friends 

Get to know your new team and managers. You might be working with one other person or be part of a big team. Whatever size your team is, make time to go around and introduce yourself. Be friendly and make the effort to go around to as many people as you can. Find out what people do, make notes and start making connections which are important for a good working environment. 

5. Take Lots Of Notes 

Don’t just note down what others do. On your first day it’s likely that you’ll be bombarded by quite a lot of new information, who people are, what they do, new processes and procedures. It’s a lot to take in and even the best of us can find it difficult to remember everything. Make sure you note down everything and anything which is or could be important. Having your own notes to refer to in the future is one of the best ways to learn new skills and processes. 

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

This is perhaps the most important tip for when you go into a new workplace. Bombarded with questions, information and experiences it can all be a lot to take in and it is okay to not know every program, process or piece of software. It’s much better to ask a manager or colleague than to spend your first day trying to figure one thing out.

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