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How to quit your job gracefully 

Published: Monday 19th October 2020

There could be many reasons why you are looking to quit your job, but there is also a correct way to quit work. Your happiness at work should always be the number one priority. If you become unhappy or are seeking a change in career, you should always look to be professional. As a result, you should maintain a level of respect with your employers as you prepare to leave a job. 

Leaving your job can be stressful but it is important that you do not negatively impact your future career path. Whether it is handing in your notice letter or conducting yourself professionally in the office, you should always retain your high standards. Here are some useful tips if you are planning to quit your job, or if you are searching for a new role.

If you quit your job avoid bad-mouthing employers

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Leaving your job on bad terms can affect your legacy at a company, as well as your future prospects. It is important to quit your job on good terms, which means not saying anything bad about a company. This is also a mistake if you are job hunting at the same time, as negative comments in interviews can have an adverse effect. Burning bridges is something that is easy to do, but can be difficult to recover from. Everyone has their own reasons for moving on, but it is vital that you remain respectful. 

Resign in person and show gratitude 

Knowing how to leave a role is a skill in itself. When preparing to leave a job, it is important that you can craft a good resignation letter. This letter should include the basics such as the date, your address and a brief reason about why you want to leave. More importantly, you should thank your employer and hand this letter in to your line manager. Following the correct procedure will be appreciated and it might also mean that you have more flexibility with any un-used annual leave. If you do not thank people when you quit your job, this will do you no favours and you may not be remembered fondly. 

Adhere to your notice period 

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It is easy to want to quit work without completing your notice period. This is another key part of how to leave a role gracefully. You must remember that you are still in a contract when wanting to quit your job. The temptation is to forfeit this to start in a new role earlier. However, your current employers may not like this approach. If you are fortunate, organisations might be willing to negotiate this period. If you have handed your notice in professionally then you are likely to have the scenario which best suits you.

Continue to put the work in 

It might not seem very beneficial to continue to work at maximum capacity. However, some industries can be quite tight-knit and there is no knowing how certain paths can cross again in the future. Furthermore, it will help your colleagues if you complete your tasks and ensure a smooth handover. Staying motivated in the office should also help your job search, as you will be in a positive mindset. Furthermore, applying yourself to your role should also lead to good references, which can help you to secure future positions. 

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