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How To Stand Out At A Dental Nurse Interview

Published: Monday 20th April 2015

The internet is full of a vast amount of general advice on creating a winning CV, writing a superstar cover letter and acing an interview. But what if you need advice for a specific role, such as how to do well at an interview for a dental nurse job? Interview tips for dental nurses are few and far between online so we have compiled the best and most relevant information out there to put together a guide to acing your next interview. 

Nurse looking at the camera

As with any position, when going for your dental nursing interview first impressions count for a lot. According to research, the first 6 minutes and 25 seconds are the most crucial part of an interview, in fact many employers interviewed had made a decision on whether a candidate was suitable for a role or not in the first 385 seconds. Make sure you dress appropriately to the practice’s dress code, cover any tattoos (they can be off putting) and keep make-up to an appropriate ‘office’ level. 

General interview advice

During the interview you will be eager to find out what you can get from the job; skills you can learn, training and development you can undertake, pay bonuses and holidays are all important to you and you will want to find out about these. But try not to make the interview about what you can ‘get from them’. It should be a two way street and instead take time to consistently demonstrate what valuable skills, experience and knowledge you can bring to them. Ask not what your job can do for you, ask what you can do for your job. Let your potential employer know how you can help and what you can do for them. 

Young attractive woman during job interview

Medical careers and any kind of nursing job in particular can be extremely rewarding. They can also be very stressful, high pressured and emotionally draining jobs at the same time. Your interviewer will want to know how you will react under stressful and high-pressure situations. They will often do this by asking behavioural questions to try and find out how you will react under these situations.  You can prepare for this by thinking about how you have reacted in high-pressure, stressful situations in the past and have examples ready to discuss with them. 

We all have weak points and a popular interview question is to ask people what theirs are. Take a weakness, such as being new to dental nursing, and turn it into a strength. What you lack in experience you more than make up for by entering the practice, surgery or hospital with the very latest training and information available – you may even be able to bring new colleagues up to speed on the latest techniques and advice. 

Preparing For Your Dental Nurse Interview

Pre-empt questions which you might be asked during your dental nursing interview by preparing answers to them. Some common questions which you might be asked, more likely if this is your first nursing role, are;

● Why do you want to be a dental nurse with this practice? / Why do you want to be a trainee dental nurse? 

● What skills do you possess which would make you a good or a great dental nurse? 

● How do you cope under pressure? 

tired african american medical worker sitting in office

Think about what motivates you to be a dental nurse, or if you are just entering the field, what has motivated you to either switch careers or begin training to be a dental nurse. To answer questions like these, sit down and make a list of your skills, qualities and attributes which you think will make you excel in the field and bring something extra to their practice. 

Questions To Ask In Your Dental Nursing Interview

Being prepared for what an interviewing dentist or practice manager is going to ask is half the battle so to speak. To stand out in your dental nursing interview you should also prepare questions to ask the employer. This is good practice for an interview in any profession as it shows you are actively thinking about the role and are serious about your application and interview. 

Example Questions To Ask At A Dental Nursing Interview:

What opportunities are there for career development and what training and support will be given to you in the role?

Will you get the opportunity to utilise all your skills and further skills which you might study for and gain in the future?

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