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How to Turn Part Time Christmas Jobs into Permanent Positions

Published: Tuesday 26th November 2019

Seasonal jobs are a great way to pick up skills and experience that can help when you’re looking to land a permanent job, but what many people don’t know, is that many part time Christmas jobs end up being a gateway into a permanent job. That’s because many employers use seasonal recruitment drives as a way to identify the best candidates to hire full time 

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Of course, most Christmas jobs are just for Christmas – they aren’t guaranteed for any period of time – but the best performers typically get kept on longest, so if you’re looking for a job extension or to increase the chance of getting a permanent roleshould one arise, there are things you can do to make sure you stand out and get noticed. 

Be punctual  

It should go without saying but when you do get called into work, you should be there for the hours you’re supposed to be therePunctuality is one of the first signs employers look for when it comes to spotting reliable, committed workers. Leave for work earlier than you need to, in case you encounter any delays on your commute – especially on your first day – and never leave work early unless your manager says so.  

Be flexible 

Employers value flexible workersThe more flexible you can be when it comes to your working hours and shifts, the more opportunities you’ll get, especially if you’re a casual worker with uncertain hours. If your manager is looking for someone to stay on for overtime, or cover for someone else, volunteering will earmark you as a possible candidate for a job extension or permanent role in future. 

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Be proactive 

Being proactive is good for your career whatever role you’re in. It demonstrates that you’re on your toes, have initiative and that you’re always thinking one step ahead. Try to pre-empt problems before they happen and think about what you can do to help the firm perform betterOffer suggestions on how to maximise the success of the operation. Doing something outside your job remit when you aren’t so busy or helping out co-workers when it’s busy can help you win brownie points when it comes to any full-time work opportunities. 

Be enthusiastic 

Of course, even if there is a permanent job available, you may not be offered it unless the decision-maker knows that you’re available. Make sure management and HR knows that you’re looking for a full-time role and be enthusiastic about working at the company. Make it clear that you love working there. Be inquisitive. Talk to people throughout the operation, take an interest in what they do and ask questions. This won’t just win you friends, it will mark you out as a team player that’s passionate about the business and where it’s going next.  

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Even if there are no permanent work opportunities available, that may not always be the case. Connect with permanent work colleagues and recruitment personnel on LinkedIn. Leave your CV with your line manager and the HR department and ask them to get back to you if anything does come up. In the meantime, you’ve gained valuable experience for the next opportunity that comes you way. And you’ll find plenty of them over at Zoek. 

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