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How You Made It: Interview With Bav Majithia, Founder Of Square Solution Ltd

Published: Saturday 30th May 2020

As part of our recent video series, Hannah from Zoek interviews some of the UK’s most successful business leaders throughout different industries to uncover what it takes to make it to the top in their careers.

Discover top tips and expert guidance on how to progress and reach your career goals.

Zoek Interviews Bav Majithia

This week’s video interview features entrepreneur Bav Majithia, founder and director of Square Solution Ltd, a consultancy service supporting all business areas including marketing, sales, management, and human resources.

With over 30 years’ experience working in the telecommunications sector, Bav has built and managed successful teams. What’s more, Bav is also the founding director of Genuine Solutions Group, home to two award-winning electronic accessories businesses.

Click below to watch the Q&A interview:


You can also view the full interview via the Zoek YouTube channel here, to understand what steps Bav took to become a leader in his field, helping inform and inspire job seekers for their future career development.

Top 3 Video Highlights

Q: What has your proudest achievement been? (03:05)

A: I think the proudest achievement I would say is winning the Queens award. We won the Queens award for international trade. We got invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and receive the award. So, that’s one of my biggest things throughout my business career.

Q: What makes a good fit for your industry? (08:00)

A: You need to be tech-savvy. You need to be on the ball, as in our industry, it doesn’t sleep. It’s an international industry, so you could be dealing with people all over the world. So, you really have to be personable. Sometimes you need to take the emotion out of it, because there are some big characters in our industry, and you’re not going to like everyone you deal with. So, you do need to be personable, and also manage your expectations because it is getting harder in every industry; but in tech, it’s a bit of a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world. You have to have patience and the ability to learn slowly.

Q: What short- and long-term changes do you envisage as a result of coronavirus? (11:19)

A: I think the short-term changes with coronavirus is that the world is going to change as we know it. It was a bit of a shock, and everyone was like ‘oh my god, what’s going to happen?’. The long-term situation is, if people are working from home effectively now, they are basically making a very valid argument that if they can do it now, they can do it all the time. There will be a lot more home working, and it will be encouraged by employers. There is the trust element of employers going, ‘well do I trust you if you are working from home?’. You know, the ‘Friday feeling’ and not doing what you need to do – it’s out of the window.

From the people I have spoken to, people have been more hard working at home than ever before. And, probably doing more hours subconsciously and they have made an effort to set things up. What’s happened before is, say you have someone who works from home once a week – they’ll be plotted up in the kitchen or somewhere else. But now, people have made the effort – they’ve turned spare bedrooms into offices, and garden sheds – I’ve seen all sorts! People are actually making a conscious effort, and people that weren’t used to technology, are now getting used to technology; and making good use of it as well.

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