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How You Made It: Interview With Tristan Ramus, Founder Of Twenty 20 Capital

Published: Friday 22nd May 2020

Discover what some of the UK’s most successful CEO’s and business founders had to go through to get to the top of their careers, in our weekly virtual video interviews.

Job seekers can gain first-hand expert advice, tips, and motivational direction on how to progress and enhance their career for the better.

Zoek Interviews Tristan Ramus

In our latest virtual video interview, Hannah from Zoek is joined by one of the UK’s most progressive entrepreneurs, Tristan Ramus.

Founder and Investment Director for Twenty 20 Capital, Tristan has successfully developed the London and European based private investment firm into a thriving business, with significant focus in the staffing and services sector.

With a natural flair for uncovering opportunities, Tristan is recognised as an award-winning investor delivering impressive returns in fast-growing sectors such as recruitment, healthcare, and marketing.

Click below to watch the Q&A interview:


The forward-thinking investor is also Chairman to Cordant Group and Healthcare Resourcing Group and holds many executive and non-executive director board positions with the majority of his portfolio companies.

Continue watching the full the interview over on our Zoek YouTube channel here, to hear about Tristan’s career journey and thoughts on trending news topics, including coronavirus.

Top 3 Video Highlights

Q: What has your biggest challenge been? (02:01)  

A: I look at what I do, and where I have come from, as the most wonderful MBA on life. I have seen, experienced, and had to be around many different business decisions and choices – good, bad, and indifferent. And I think the challenge is the ability to keep learning.

Even with the size of the business we are now, which is over a billion in revenue and with over 65,000 employees, the challenge is never to stop and think ‘I’m at the top – I know it all’, because that’s where you’ll fall.

Every day is learning, and the challenge is to make sure you are open to those learnings. Open to the people around you. Both above you, and below you. Everyone can learn from everyone, not just through line management. I think it is the challenge to remind yourself to be in that space; to be in that head space.

Q: How would you avoid burnout? (08:32)  

A: My view on burnout is if you are target-led (and I’m very target-led), the problem with hitting a target is it’s like having a sugar fix. You have the sugar, you take it in, you feel great. But the next day you are like, ‘well what’s next?’. And the problem is, you keep setting targets, and those targets keep being achieved. You start becoming exhausted and burnt out from this – this repetition of going up and down and following a similar route.

The way to avoid burnout, is to actually understand your values. Because a target is great, and I’m a massive advocate for targets. But also understand your values. So, if you are working towards your values, and targets happen to be aligned to those values, you won’t get to burnout.

But, if you are working purely as a target and not in line with your own values, then you’ll always get that quick ‘sugar hit’. You would get the quick, ‘oh I hit it!’, and then come down again. So, anyone, to avoid burnout, make sure you align to your values and it won’t happen.

Q: How do you think coronavirus will affect the job market? (14:29)

A: I think you will see different jobs emerging. I think businesses will become more regional, maybe less central. I think central London may find itself changing quite a lot, because I think a lot of people don’t need to go into the centre of London. This has proved it.

I also think that European work could be conducted online. I think relationships are important to be formed one-to-one. But once you’ve met once, I think the amount of travel that people have to do to maintain their business positioning can be significantly reduced. I think for people’s overall well-being, and the job market, this is going to be quite good in the long term.

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