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Interview Tips: Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview

Published: Tuesday 12th May 2015

young female having an interview over the phone

The end of a face-to-face job interview is the culmination of days, weeks or even months of hard work on the part of successful candidates. It will likely finish with the interviewer asking if you have any further questions. This is a point in the job seeking process which can stump even the most polished and professional candidate. Instead of being stumped, use this as your chance to show you have not only prepared for the interview but also have a genuine interest in the company.

Asking incisive and intelligent questions will leave a positive impression on the interviewer. Here are Zoek’s top tips on what questions to ask at the end of an interview.

1. Ask About Your Role

This may sound redundant, as after all you have spent time during the interview discussing the role. But here you can ask about how your role fits into and impacts your (potential) colleagues, other departments and the overall corporate structure of the company. By asking this, you are indirectly drawing attention to a preference for teamwork and a desire to understand the impact of your work on others.

2. Ask About Your First Three Months

Employers will often have a three month probation period for new employees. This helps communicate your enthusiasm and eagerness to get straight into your role and contribute to the company. Asking what those crucial first three months will be like, targets, expectations and challenges, also demonstrates that you want to be prepared to hit the ground running.

3. Ask About Future

This is where you can ask what training and future career progression opportunities will be offered within the company. Ask the interviewer about how the company can help you to acquire new skills and develop existing ones. Asking about future progression shows you don’t just care about the role but also your career. It demonstrates that you are keen to effectively contribute to the company.

4. Ask About Important Issues Facing The Company

What are the issues, economic or social, and challenges facing both the team you will be working with and the company as a whole? Are there any challenges or changes which are predicted to arise in the industry in the coming years? If they have introduced a new product or service ask how they expect this to benefit and change the organisation.

5. Ask about them

Talk to your interviewer about their experience of working for the company, what has it been like working for them? Also take the opportunity to ask about the overall work culture and company ethos. This shows you want to understand and fit in with how the company works and that you know the value of a positive working environment and are a good self-manager.

6. Ask About You

Finish your questions by bringing the interviewer back to focusing on you. Ask if there is anything further that they want or need to know about you, your qualifications or your work experience. Whilst you have been asking them questions they may have noted a point they want to ask you and this gives the interviewer the opportunity to do so.

Be confident in your experience and skills and ask if the interviewer has any doubts about you as a candidate and your suitability for the vacancy. If they do not have any doubts it emphasises your strength as a candidate. At the same time it also lets them know you are open to constructive criticism and have a willingness to adapt. You can tackle any perceived weaknesses head on and finish on a final elevator pitch leaving the interview on a high.


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