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How you made it: interview with Dominic Allonby, CEO of Fruugo

Published: Sunday 28th June 2020

As part of our weekly lockdown guest interviews, Dominic Allonby, CEO of Fruugo, recently got involved to talk to us about his award-winning unique global marketplace.

Zoek Interviews Dominic Allonby

As the largest shareholder in Fruugo, Dominic has been at the fore-front of the fast-growing UK technology company, developing a fully localised, transactional website that connects millions of shoppers and retailers.

Given Dominic’s notable achievements, you can hear all about his career journey to uncover what he has learnt along the way within the video below. Plus, job seekers looking to advance their profession in the eCommerce industry can receive first-hand expert tips.

Click below to watch the Q&A interview:

Top 3 Video Highlights

Q: What do you find to be true, that most other people might disagree with? (05:59)

A: I would say that, the general perception is that everyone would love to win a huge amount of money on the lottery. I actually think that would be a bad thing. I think it’s true that it can cause all kind of problems if people are not used to the money and the things that brings, the good sides and the down sides. So, I think that is the thing to be true that most people would disagree with.

Q: What would you look for when you hire someone? (08:59)

A: I would say, although obviously they need the core skills required of the particular job that they are talking about, they also need to have enthusiasm in general. Because that breeds further enthusiasm and activity levels rise within a business, so enthusiasm for what they are doing and the world around them is important.

In our industry [eCommerce], creative thinking because it is changing so quickly. I’m sure in pretty much all jobs, creative thinking really helps. On an interpersonal level, because you are going to be dealing with other people in the organisation that you work for, definitely a lack of arrogance. I found that, and talked with many other employers and bosses, what they really don’t like is arrogant employees. They had rather they had not taken them on, and they definitely are not going to help them advance, so don’t be arrogant at work.

Q: How can you keep people motivated long term when remote working? (13:35)

A: Well, remote working has been a shock to the system of all companies I guess, on this level at least, where pretty much everyone is doing it. Communication with employees, and between employees, is really key. Right from the get-go of this lockdown, we as a company started holding team meetings by Zoom or other methods every morning.

And, wider whole company meetings every few days just to keep people informed, but also to keep people feeling part of a bigger entity than just their own office or their own front room where they are working. Companywide updates are great. We vary the tasks that people are doing to the extent that it is possible, sometimes it is not that easy. And little things like making sure the company knows that it is someone is having a birthday, for example.

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