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How you made it: interview with John Simmonds, CEO of Neuven Solutions Ltd

Published: Sunday 21st June 2020

In our latest lockdown virtual interview, Hannah from Zoek is joined by John Simmonds, CEO of Neuven Solutions Ltd.

Neuven is well known as a specialist supplier of neutral vendor services in the temporary staffing market.

Zoek Interviews John Simmonds

Watch the video below to hear about John’s impressive background in the recruitment industry, as he previously directed large companies including Adecco and de Poel (now part of Geometric Results), before moving on to manage Neuven.

John has successfully grown Neuven into an award-winning auditor and training provider, supporting organisations which utilise agency labour and bank staff.

Learn about John’s expert tips on how to stand out and succeed in the job application process and develop a prosperous career.

Click below to watch the Q&A interview:

Top 3 Video Highlights

Q: If you could start over, would you do anything differently? (03:27)

A: Yeah, I think if I could start over again, I may have started my own business earlier. I was put in a position through redundancy. The only time I have been made redundant in my career, which was a big blow, where I had to do something and that was one of the options. I have absolutely loved it, so I think I would have done that earlier if I had my time again, I would have gone out and started my business earlier in my career.

Q: What makes a good fit for your industry? (08:41)  

A: Obviously that depends on the role, but I think that some of the things that run though for the vendor neutral market and wider associated industries is, I think you have got to have really good interpersonal skills. Even if you are in a back office more data-driven environment, you still have to communicate with all the people who are in the rest of the business, and also with clients. So I would look for someone with really good interpersonal skills.

I think you have got to have a sense of humour. You are dealing with people all the time, and if you don’t have a sense of humour, I think it would become very stressful and also not enjoyable. I think anything that is not enjoyable, isn’t sustainable. We need people with intelligence, and not just basic intelligence but emotional intelligence as well. Because, you have got to make judgement calls on how to deal with situations and people within situations on an on-going basis. So, they are the main things that you need, and of course the ability to work smarter and harder!

Q: How do you think coronavirus will affect the job market? (13:56) 

A: I think in the short term it could have quite a negative impact on the job market. But, like with the economy, I think that could be short term. I don’t think this is like the financial crash where everything fell apart over a long period of time, and then took a long time to recover. This is a tragic accident that has happened to a reasonably strong economy, so I think as fast as it goes down it could come back up.

I think in the job market, we could see that there is a shortage of jobs and a lot of available candidates on the market. Which means candidates will have to use the likes of the job board to look very carefully at opportunities. But then it could go from a lack of opportunities, to maybe opportunities in the temp market based, from temps to perms, as people regain more confidence and start rebuilding their businesses. And then, go back to quite a few permanent opportunities coming up and things might actually be quite apoiant for job seekers.

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