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Is there AI technology looking at your CV?

Published: Thursday 29th November 2018

The next time you apply for a job, it might not be a case of who is looking at your CV, and instead a form of AI technology looking at your CV. Because, today, more recruiters than ever are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen CVs for them.

Multiple people reviewing a CV

So in what other ways is AI being used in recruitment and what are the implications for job seekers?

Artificial intelligence makes recruitment easier for employers…

AI is able to take away the repetitive, mundane, work that no one wants to do. The platforms use complex algorithms based on a wide range of parameters determined by recruiters to pre-select which CVs, and candidates, to take to the next step of the recruitment process. The benefits for recruiters are obvious as the technology can eliminate a lot of the time-consuming work when it comes to choosing the best candidates, creating job postings and even conducting basic interviews.

Robot holding a magnifying glass, looking at the floor

However, this has implications for job hunters too. Because AI applications seek out certain keywords and phrases when processing your CV, candidates have to be more careful too. Ideally tailoring each CV for each job application. The best approach here is to sprinkle a few well-targeted keywords and phrases throughout your application. Making them appear as natural as possible in the context of the CV.

The implications for candidates

But artificial intelligence has benefits for candidates too. You’re probably already using it on your job search. When you input criteria for a job, search engines and AI platforms are honing in on keywords and looking at other variables, such as your location or commuting distance. So, for example, if you input ‘jobs in Manchester’ or ‘jobs in Newcastle’, AI platforms will automatically connect you to with jobs that match that criteria. What’s more, the technology has the ability to learn from how you search and the data you input. Complex algorithms identify valuable pieces of information from your historical search data and third party websites to predict preferences and outcomes.

AI can even help you identify what skills you need to develop to improve your employability. So you spend less time searching for jobs and more time engaging with companies that you’d like to work for. Much of this can be achieved through face-to-face interactions and video interviewing. Saving you time in the process.

AI is here to stay

Man and robot pointing at a human figure

Clearly, there are many ways AI can help candidates on their job search and identify the most suitable opportunities. But AI will never be able to replace the human touch. Ultimately, when it comes to who gets the job, the final decision will be made by a human.

At Zoek, we use a blend of technology and human touch to place candidates in all the right roles. Start your search for jobs on Zoek by inputting your requirements into our search engine to see where your next career move will take you.

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