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Social Media And Job Hunting: Dos and Don’ts

Published: Monday 16th February 2015

Social media is a key tool when job hunting, for both recruiters and candidates. Every day, millions of people use social networks to connect and share information with others.

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Twitter’s recent stats highlight 288 million monthly active users whereas Facebook has an impressive 1.35 billion active users every month. Unsurprising then, almost half (45%) of employers use social media to screen potential candidates by viewing their profile and 1 in 10 UK job seekers, between the ages of 16 and 34, have been rejected for a job because of their social profiles. On the plus side, social networks offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they have an interest for; connect with business contacts; and hear about job openings straightaway, among other things.

So, what does your social media accounts say about you and are you taking advantage of the opportunities available to you online, when looking for a new job?

DO Create An Online Presence on your social media profiles

As well as allowing you to keep in touch with your friends, social networks can help you find a new job. It’s important to have an online profile where you can showcase your skills and experience. Having an online presence will also enable you to connect with key people in businesses and companies you may want to work for.

DO Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date

Your profile should set an online version of your CV. Make sure all of your personal information is accurate and kept up-to-date. Display your location and your full first and last names to make it easier for recruiters to find you.

DO Connect With Key People

Use your social media account to connect with individuals who can refer you for the jobs you like. Connect with recruiters, HR personnel or colleagues who work in a similar position. Let them know you’re searching for a new position and ask their advice on the best way to apply.

social media profiles

DO Be Consistent on social media

If you have more than one social media account, check all your profiles are consistent with each other. Whilst it is important to target your CV when applying for a job, the information you include about your job history and education should be the same.

DON’T Post Inappropriate Comments

Be careful what you post. Whether it’s your views about religion and politics or personal feelings, especially about your former employers, you never know when someone will share some of your posts. If you are applying for a new job review your posts and delete any inappropriate comments.

DON’T Allow Your Friends To Post Unprofessional Comments

Prospective employers will not be impressed to see offensive comments on profiles. Be sure to change your privacy settings to prevent anything being posted on your profile without your prior knowledge and consent.

Angry young woman looking at smartphone frustrated

DON’T Use Poor Grammar on social media

Don’t use poor grammar or make spelling mistakes when posting on your profile or when sending a message to recruiters or others whom you are trying to connect with through social media. It is also advisable to tailor your communications with recruiters rather than sending out generic messages.

DON’T Forget To Interact

Too little or no activity on your online profile might imply you’re hiding something or an indication you aren’t part of a community. Be sure to engage with other users, professional groups and companies. Show your hobbies and interests.

Ultimately, social media can be a great tool when it is used appropriately. As more employers are scanning networks, the effective use of social media channels is evident. If you are thinking of a fresh start or career change then head over to Zoek and bag yourself your dream job today!

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