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Job search app: why use it for your job search?

Published: Friday 23rd September 2016

So what compelling reason is there to use a job search app in your search for your next role? Here’s what to look for in the ideal job search app.

Instant & immediate

Job search apps can push the latest jobs right to your phone. This is great when you’re on the move, and even more so in that, it can put yours ahead of the pack. Some jobs websites show the number of applicants when you’ve applied via their site, and it’s always good to see that you’re the first, (or at least one of a few). But you know the job has also been posted on several other jobs boards, so you’re really one of a crowd. In fact, a recent study had 57.3 applicants on average for an Admin job, and 37 applicants for a job in Customer Services. Either way, you’re very much part of a pack chasing one job. So anything that can set you ahead of that pack has to be ‘A Good Thing’. And an instant notification when a new, relevant job has just been posted is just that – a way for you to see a new job that’s relevant to you, and respond immediately via a saved CV or Profile. Which leads us on to…

Profiles & multiple CVs

Close up of women's hands holding mobile telephone

It’s a given that you can’t use the same CV to apply for every job – few jobs are identical, and that truly ideal job is bound to be a little different. And it will certainly be worth customising your CV so that it shows that you really are the perfect match for that particular job. So the ideal job seeker’s app will allow you to save and store multiple CVs, and easily switch and submit. Sounds simple, but very few job search apps do this. It also needs to let your easily set up your main profile, which is at the crux of any job seekers world. Your profile must also be readily accessible from any device – desktop or mobile.

Relevant results

This is one of the big Job Seekers Dilemmas. You want to find a specific role. You could just put ‘SEO manager’ in your search, but what if the job title is different, like SEO/SEM Manager? Do you do multiple searches and alerts, starting broad then getting more specific? Or use several synonyms? Who has the time for this?! What you need is relevancy! You need an app that knows your search for Job Title X is just that, and learns as you continue to search. You also need an app that knows where you’re looking. For example, while Croydon is a London borough, it’s a fair distance from West Ham. Your job search app should know this, and not give you search results that lump distinct places within larger regions as many do.

Ease of use

Person holding mobile phone with apps on the screen. Job search app concept

A mobile app that offers nothing different from the website isn’t really an app – it’s a mobile version of a website wrapped up in app. Why download an app that’s just a website? No, an app has to offer something more. Notifications, of course, but ease of use as well – especially when it comes to applying for a job. Swiping as a way to navigate and interact is becoming second nature to everyone. For good reason – it’s intuitive and comfortable, and your job search app has got to embrace this.

One place for everything

Managing all you need for your job search and job applications is no mean feat. Have you copied the latest revision of your CV to your desktop? Or did you remember to upload it to the cloud so you can download it to your mobile? Do I have to wait till I get home to scan that passport or driving licence counterpart? Your job app should let you store more than just your CV – it needs to be the repository for everything you need to apply for the job. And to progress the application as fast as possible.

And the winner is…

So what is the perfect jobs search app? With relevant matches and instant notifications, simple to set-up & use, and a one stop solution for your job search? Job Search by Zoek, of course! Here at Zoek, we’re very excited to have launched Zoek 2.0, the latest & greatest job search app (Android, and iOS). And if apps aren’t your thing, you can still find jobs on, the old fashioned way

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