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Job Vacancy: Liverpool Football Supporter Appointment

Published: Friday 3rd March 2017

Zoek recently advertised for a short term role of a Liverpool Supporter for the Arsenal game at Anfield. Although an unpaid position it included two executive tickets and hospitality to the Liverpool vs Arsenal game. We sought applicants with solid experience and passion for both food and Liverpool FC to exhibit on the day.

Entry was via reviewing the app on iOS or Android, and commenting on social media why the candidate was perfect for the job.

Congratulations to our winners:
Hamzah Abbas
Billy Langton

See some of the hilarious responses and ‘applications’ below…

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Liverpool lounge

The best of the bunch

Kilian Foy: A long term Liverpool supporter with ample experience in consumption of free food/drink, I am an active member of the “Fill Your Boots” Charity Association. Would be open to helping you out with this short term role, as well as taking pictures/signing memorabilia to help make the day that little bit extra special for the team.
Little Known Fact: I invented the word Hospitality.

May I suggest you remove ur job listing”Liverpool football supporter”&replace it with one that reads”situation full”I’m your man.

Jacob Brown: Teamwork (get the whole stadium singing):✅
Passionate (get the players playing with passion):✅
Motivational (Shouting at the players!):✅
(And an expert in food)

@Zoekappuk Passion is my middle name and I have some experience @ Anfield assisting the team score. I would relish more game time 2 improve!
@Zoekappuk If I am unsuccessful with my application please keep me on file for future #LFC job vacancies. Thanks

Neil Drummond
I’d be good for the job because I would be enthusiastic about being a supporter even though the team aren’t performing so well. Equally I can abuse the ref and the opposition like a pro in a very constructive manner. My time keeping is impeccable and can use the free hospitality to the best of my ability.

@Zoekappuk there was a young boy named Jo,
To Anfield he so longed too go,
So to Zoek he applied,
(On his cv he lied)
But when chosen his smile stole the show

David Brown: I have decades of experience of eating, drinking and watching football. You won’t find a more experienced candidate than me. My drinking partner can give me a reference if needed?

Richard Daniel: I’ll have to pass as I already have a position in the Upper Centenary.
Good luck to future candidates

Gary Lloyd: Hello, I would like to apply for the supporter position at Anfield on the 5th of March. I believe I would be ideal for this position for several reasons. Firstly having supported LFC for the last 40 years ( I am 45) I have many strengths which could only enhance the opportunities of LFC On the day. One of these is the fact I currently play for Albion in the Community Amputee Squad at Brighton & Hove Albion FC as a centre back. As we are all well aware the having equality and opportunity for is paramount and this would show what a quality organisation LFC are by providing me the chance to show all other teams what we are capable of.

With this I would like to offer the services of my 12 year old son who has been supporting LFC for the last 7 years. Plus, my son also plays for a local youth side. Him being with me can only improve the quality of service I can provide and unequalled experience for him. Between the pair of us showing youth and experience we hope to offer amazing support for The Mighty Reds. Many thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely Gary

Rob Keane: I would be perfect for the job as I’m a true Liverpool supporter and love the atmosphere at the ground, also Liverpool fc has never lost when I’ve been at the ground so I hope that run continues against a team like arsenal.

Gareth Unsworth: I would be perfect for this job, pretending to enjoy it could pose a problem though. If Liverpool are winning I would only be able to sincerely enjoy it. On the other hand, if we play like Monday night I would not be able to pretend.

Billy Dean Evol Langton: In the modern world any and all avenues that can lead you to the perfect job should be explored and the Zoek app perfectly supports this requirement evidenced by the following. As a Liverpool fan for over 35 years I am evidently suited to the role of “Liverpool Supporter” Having grown up and until recently lived and worked in the North east of London I also posses an intimate knowledge of the opposition psyche with many a family member and work colleague being “Gooners” I have been a lone voice among the enemy tribe. the opportunity to work with such like minded individuals even for such a short time would be a personal goal but hopefully lead to more goals on the day and in this instance Zoek.uk would definitely found me my Dream Job.

Shaun Rose: I had lots of verbal disgust coming out of my mouth on Monday night during the game, I’m sure my voice would be well received by the players on the day. I was at Anfield when we beat Arsenal 5-1…. would happily take that again!

Aadil Patel: Start of the season we played great but we have a solid record against top 6 teams. But I have my assistant in hand to attend with me to sort tactics out. Punctual and I I only eat indoors and not on the bench especially those pies

Dave Brown: I need a job as I just lost my job as a Psychic. I did not see that coming.

Jeni Howard: Jacob Howard would be perfect for this job. He’s loud enough to get them back on form.

Hamzah Abbas: I’m the best choice for the job as I’m a Liverpool supporter who is optimistic about beating Arsenal & have a passion for food

Nicky Doran: I’m perfect for the job as I offer lots of vocal support to get the boys motivated and playing to there full potential

Alex Coleman: Me and my girlfriend will have been together two years this weekend, surprising her to tickets at Anfield would be a treat

David Brown: I am a committed and passionate worker for 90 minutes. Unfortunately I have no previous experience working at Anfield since 2015. I’d like to get back into that line of work

Jayne Brown: I’m the best man for the job as offer a lot of vocal support and passion. I’m also off work on Saturday

Sukhi Singh: I have reviewed the app after downloading it.
I would be perfect for the job as its my 40th on Sunday & would take my dad who doesn’t like Liverpool one bit. This will give me a chance if i’m lucky enough to change his mind.

Find the perfect role you never knew existed on Zoek. Download, try and review the app for free on iOS or Android and let the jobs find you.

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