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Join The London Exodus In Tunbridge Wells

Published: Tuesday 17th March 2015

Tunbridge Wells (or, if you want to use its official title: Royal Tunbrige Wells) is located just 30 miles south of London. The town has a population of 56,000 and is already a commuter town favourite. Tunbridge Wells provides great facilities, a strong sense of community and easy access to the countryside of Kent and East Sussex.

Tunbridge Wells also has a reputation for being a good shopping area, with a high standard of living. Much of the town is located within a conservation area and education in the town is dominated by its three grammar schools. There are currently housing developments in central Tunbridge Wells, as well as in the High Brooms area to the north of the town centre, that are being driven by demand from those moving out of London.

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The fact that the town provides great opportunities for those looking to move out of the city hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even back in 2009, The Independent newspaper declared Tunbridge Wells a ‘commuter town hotspot’.

Traveling from the town centre means you’ll have a 50 minute commute into London Bridge or Charing Cross stations. The price for an annual travel card between Tunbridge Wells and London is currently £5,020. If you have only recently joined the London exodus, or if you have commuted from Tunbridge Wells for years, you might be wondering how you can get the most out of your train commute and use this traveling time to make you a better person? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Learn New Things

You could opt to learn a new language, listen to an e-book about a subject you would like to know more about or even sign on to a distance learning University course. Wearing headphones, there’s no need to get frustrated about your fellow commuters’ terrible taste in music either.

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2. Maintain Your Social Life

If you want to avoid staring awkwardly out of the window or straight at the person opposite you, you could just be like everyone else and get your mobile device out. This is a great time for sending a couple of overdue emails or responding to a back log of semi-funny Facebook posts from your friends.

3. Get Cultured

I don’t know how much Shakespeare you could read during your yearly commute, but experience has taught me that an hour’s commute allows you to watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad in the course of just five working weeks.

4. Exercise

Resistance band exercises can be done anywhere and if you’re not too self-aware, you could even do them on the train. Just make sure not to squat and stretch into someone else’ personal space.

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5. Try A New Hobby

Knitting is a good way of keeping yourself busy and creating a new winter wardrobe at the same time. Woolly jumpers are still experiencing some sort of a revival too.

6. Be More Sociable While Commuting

There’s never a more convenient time to be sociable than when you’re faced with someone else’ armpit on an overly full commuter train. Listening to someone vent about their day, or providing travel advice to a pair of lost tourists, definitely counts as a good deed.

7. Reflect and Relax

Commuting can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but with a bit of preparation it can become a time that you use to think, reflect and relax. It’s also a good buffer between your work and home life, so you can make sure to arrive home in a good mood.

If you are looking for a job in or around Royal Tunbridge Wells or London visit Zoek today and let your new job find you.

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