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Juggling University With A Part-Time Job

Published: Monday 30th September 2019

As fees and living costs rise, more and more university students are having to work to part-time in order to supplement their income – especially if they want to have a reasonable social life while at university.

A survey has found that 67% of students in the UK now work part-time jobs to supplement their Student Loan and that this has a negative impact on how well they perform at university, so it’s clear juggling full-time study with a part-time job isn’t easy. Despite that, there are many benefits to be gained – in addition to the extra income.

While working, students can pick up valuable work experience and skills which they can use after they leave university and start looking for a full-time job. You may also gain some useful contacts that could help you on your first step to a worthwhile career when your studies are complete. After all, many say it’s not always what you know but who you know that can help you land your dream job.

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More part-time jobs for students

Nevertheless, working part-time can cause problems when it comes to time management, so students need to take extra steps to organise their routine so that their study doesn’t suffer as a result. If you’re thinking about taking on a part-time job to help with finances, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, look at how much time you have to commit to part-time work. Most universities recommend limiting working hours to ten per week, so look at your study schedule and examine where you can incorporate some work hours without damaging your study schedule. Coordinating both with a diary, phone app or computer program will help with multi-tasking and keeping on top of things.

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Multi-tasking and boosting your productivity

Whatever part-time work you take on, you’re going to have to be more productive with your time and avoid distractions, such as social media. You’ll find some tips on how to do that here.

For many students, a weekend job is ideal as it can still leave free time to enjoy a social life and give you the whole week to devote to classes and study. Working several short shifts during the week, instead of one long one at the weekend can cause much more disruption to university life.

It’s worth pointing out too that if your employer is flexible enough to allow you to work more hours or even full-time during the holidays, the boost to your income might be enough for you to do fewer hours during term time and devote more time to study.

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Look after you

If you do find yourself struggling, remember most universities have support services to help. These include counselling and financial advice, along with a sympathetic ear, so make use of them.

Look after yourself too. Eat well, get enough sleep and take study breaks for a walk, a cycle, or to hit the gym. Your health comes first.

In the meantime, if you’re asking where are all the local part-time jobs near me?, you’ll find a wide range of job opportunities at Zoek throughout the UK, so there’s sure to be part-time work within a short commute of your university.

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