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5 ways to land a viable job

Published: Friday 27th November 2020

We’re going to offer you some advice on how to land a viable job to help you get back into work without facing the risk of redundancy.

If you’re looking for some clarification, the new Job Support Scheme defines a ‘viable job’ as a job that is not attached to the risk of redundancy. Non-viable jobs are those that include working in industries that have been forced to close. This is following government advice regarding the spread of coronavirus and applies to jobs working in nightclubs, gyms, and at live sporting events.

It’s possible that you have suffered the worst-case scenario of being made redundant. Perhaps you’re just looking to find a new job to help improve your prospects financially or something better suited to you.

This is where a viable job can help you. There’s an instant form of job security attached, which is key during these times.

Transferable skills

No matter which industry you come from, it’s impossible not to have at least 5 transferable skills that you can apply to another role. You can create a list of your own skills from your cv and cover letter and highlight which ones you can take to another job. Common examples of these might be:

  • Organisation
  • Team working
  • Written and spoken communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Reliability
  • Creativity
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft programmes (such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc)

These generic skills probably make up 75% of what every job is looking for in a candidate. The other 25% is the skills needed especially for the role. Which can sometimes be picked up while working on the job, or learned through a range of college or online courses.

Land a viable job as a barista

Starbucks and Costa for example are two of the biggest employers in the UK. Most people won’t have experienced working as a barista before, maybe not even made their own coffee. But a range of skills that aid customer service and working in a team environment are how most staff go into the job.

Bridge jobs

Your transferable skills mean you can jump into almost any industry with zero experience. But how will this benefit you in the long-term? When all this is over, it may be hard for you to reconnect with the industry you came from. For this reason, you can instead be more targeted in your job search by looking for bridge jobs.

As you can probably guess these jobs are still in many ways linked to your previous role. If you worked as a receptionist in a gym that can’t open, you could look for jobs like working at a customer service desk in an airport.

Cultivating knowledge and skills for a viable job

Chancellor Rishi Sunak set up the Job Support Scheme to help ensure that those who were forced out of work due to business closures, would be supported until they could reopen. Some businesses still decided to make redundancies, which led to the government announcing the Job Retention Bonus Scheme. An incentive for employers who have kept their staff employed, be it through the furlough scheme or not.

Job Retention Scheme tag in a toy trolley

Any employees who don’t fall into the key worker category have been left to twiddle their thumbs at home. But what a great opportunity this is to spend time doing some online courses. You could learn a new skill or increase your knowledge on a subject. When you do return to work at a new job or your old one, you need to make sure you’re sharp and ready to slot straight back in. Therefore it’s important to keep your mind engaged for a few hours a day if you can.

Public sector jobs

Lot’s of jobs in the public sector are considered viable jobs because the employer is the government, which provides much-needed stability. There’s work across numerous sectors and often lots of graduate roles if you’ve just finished university. You could work in education, healthcare, refuse collection, emergency service, and many more areas.

Research the industry where you want to land a viable job

Women does research on how to land a viable job

Research the implications COVID-19 has had on businesses in the industry you want to work in. While it’s not been easy for anyone, some businesses have been able to adapt quicker and better than others. They’ve used technology and deployed remote working strategies to keep workers safe while maintaining efficiency. Try to find a company that hasn’t been forced to stop working during the pandemic. One that has continued to bat away any curveballs that COVID-19 has thrown its way.

If you are looking to land a viable job or seasonal jobs at the moment, then start your job search with Zoek today.

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