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Launching CVs into space: how it’s done

Published: Friday 5th March 2021

From 3rd March to 9th April, anyone applying for a job advertised on Zoek can enter our competition for a chance to have their CV professionally reviewed and then launched 100,000 feet above the planet in space.* Three lucky winners will have a bespoke candidate profile displayed above the Earth, filmed floating in space, and shared nationwide, helping them take one giant leap into the career of their dreams. But just how in the world are we going to send your CVs into space?

The journey of launching CVs into space

For this competition, we’ve partnered up with Sent Into Space, a UK-based space agency that specialise in launching lighter-than-air craft to Near Space. They’ve designed a bespoke craft that integrates a digital display in front of a space-optimised camera system. This will show the CVs against the stunning backdrop of our planet in space and film their flight above 99% of our atmosphere.

The craft will be lifted by a large hydrogen-filled balloon, which will travel up to space at around 14mph over the course of 90 minutes. As it rises, the ambient pressure around the craft will drop to less than 0.5% of normal atmospheric pressure at sea level, and temperatures will fall as low as -70°C. The decreasing pressure will cause the weather balloon to expand, reaching the size of a terraced house before it can no longer take the strain and bursts.

From 3rd March to 9th April, anyone applying for a job on Zoek can enter for a chance to get their CVs into space and professionally reviewed!

The craft will begin to fall back down to Earth at speeds exceeding 200mph, but as it travels down through the stratosphere and reenters the troposphere (the lowest region of the Earth’s atmosphere, where we all live) the onboard parachute will begin to slow the craft to a gentle walking pace by the time it touches down.

Launching CVs into space safely

The Sent Into Space team can predict the path the balloon will take with 99.5% accuracy, using live weather data collected daily from over 100,000 sites around the globe. This allows them to time the flights to the minute to avoid other aircraft, and land the craft in a safe, remote location. Throughout the flight, the Sent Into Space team will be tracking the craft in real-time, ensuring its movements match the intended path. Their launch engineers will be on-site at the remote landing location within minutes of touchdown, to secure the equipment and recover the incredible footage of your CV floating in space.

How long does a space launch take?

From arrival at the launch site to recovery, the entire launch process will last about 6 hours, but the Sent Into Space engineers have set aside two weeks as a possible launch window. In this time, they can monitor conditions and launch when the best possible flight paths and cloud conditions present themselves for a superb view of the Earth.

When can I see my CV in space?

Once they’ve recovered the footage, we’ll share the results with the world on Star Wars Day, May the 4th, sending them to press and industry contacts to give our winners the best chance of finding an out-of-this-world career opportunity.

Why should I enter?

Having your CV launched into space isn’t just a cool anecdote to share with friends. With redundancies and layoffs on the rise, thanks to the pandemic, competition for jobs is higher than ever. Finding innovative ways to stand out from the crowd is vital to have the best chance of finding a role that suits you. Last year, we ran a competition to have a CV printed on the back of a truck travelling the UK, and our winner secured a new job within 48 hours of the campaign going live! This competition promises to be even better, and with three chances to win, it’s definitely worth entering.

The images of your CV in space will be shared with all employers and recruiters who use Zoek, putting you front and centre in their minds. We’ll also be sharing the results in the national press and on social media, meaning millions of people will see your profile.

The prizes

In addition to the opportunity for your CV to be seen nationwide, we’ve partnered with TopCV to give you a professional CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile review worth up to £200*, helping you present your best self to find a job you want. What’s more, we’re giving you up to £200* to spend on skills courses from reputable online providers, helping you to add to your qualifications and stand out even more as a superb employment candidate. And finally, our first prize also includes a £200* voucher for Currys PC World to treat yourself to a tech upgrade.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Find out more information about the competition on Zoek. To take part, just apply for jobs marked “VALID FOR SPACE CV COMPETITION” on Zoek and check the box to enter when you submit your application.

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