Looking for a new job while at work? You’re not alone.

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According to two recent surveys, more people look for a new job while at work than was originally thought. Research carried out by monster.co.uk found that 49% of job searches take place during working hours with Wednesday being the day that most employees search for new jobs.

That’s not surprising when you consider that a separate survey by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) found that 49% are probably in the wrong job due to being over- or under-skilled. The research also showed that those who are over-skilled for their job have less chance of being promoted and earn less than those who skills are well-matched to their job.

Reasons to look for a new job

Man throwing money at the cameraOf course, this isn’t the only reason people spend time looking for jobs while already working. No matter what sector you’re in, the best time to look for a new job is while you’re already employed. That way, you stand a greater chance of negotiating a better package.

The most obvious reason for seeking a new job might be for a pay rise, but, as we see with the CIPD report, there can be many other legitimate reasons for researching new jobs while in an existing role:

Improved promotional prospects – Even if a new role doesn’t offer progression, you might be able to use a job offer to get some upwards leverage at your present company.

Convenience – There might be a practical reason for moving job, for instance, if you receive a job offer that’s closer to home, has an easier commute, or the business hours are more suitable.

Skill development – As well as on-the-job training, some companies offer the opportunity for employees to pursue training schemes or qualifications that could improve your employability.

A change of career – Today, very few people stay in the same career for their entire life, but you may have transferable skills that could take you into another role. For example, if you’re applying for personal assistant jobs, any experience in secretarial or admin jobs could be useful.

Working environment – Some people want to move because they find they’re not compatible with company culture in the present workplace, or don’t get along with other work colleagues.

Boredom – Variety is the spice of life. And, the same job with a different company can be an asset on your CV if it exposes you to a new sector or working environment.

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Look after your career

Of course, it’s probably better to carry out your job search online at Zoek in your own time, rather than during working hours. You should certainly take precautions in order to avoid being cautioned over using company time and resources for your job search. Don’t include your current employer as a reference until late in the recruitment process and, if necessary, ask prospective employers to be discrete.

Looking for a new job while you’re already employed is something all candidates should do from time to time – even if you’re happy in your existing role. After all, that’s how you progress your career. If you’re in passive job mode, you’re already coming from a position of strength. Even applying for jobs ‘for fun’ can be good practice for the real thing and you never know what might turn up.

Right now, at Zoek, we have a range of opportunities across every sector, especially when it comes to customer service jobs and sales jobs. For jobs in London, jobs in Liverpool and other locations around the country, start your search for a new job today on Zoek.

Just be careful no one is looking over your shoulder.

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