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National Sickie Day – The best excuses

Published: Monday 1st February 2016


Today is National Sickie Day. Over the years many of us will have taken several sickie days, in fact according to YouGov one in five British employees pulled a sickie in 2015, on top of that, another survey revealed that those working in the leisure industry were more likely to phone in sick than those in manufacturing.

With this in mind we asked around Zoek HQ to find the best and worst excuses for not coming into work that they had ever heard. Some of these you may have even used yourself; others are a little more out there and are less believable. So without any further ado here are our top 10 sick day excuses…


10. “I’ve been throwing up all night”
9. “My Grandma is sick and I have to look after her”
8. “My car has stopped working”
7. “Workmen are digging up the road and I can’t get out of the drive”
6. “I bit into an olive stone and chipped my tooth so I need to go to the dentist”


5. “I live on top of a hill and both sides have flooded”
4. “I fell over the wheelie bin and hurt my leg”
3. “My cat ran away and I have to be here in case it comes back”
2. “I can’t come into work because I’ve lost my work shoes”

And the winner is…

1. “My electric gates have frozen over and I can’t get out”

So there you have it, those are the best excuses, according to Zoek HQ. Whether you’re an everyday Ferris Bueller or are slightly more creative and take a hint out of Elsa’s book, one thing we have learnt from this is whatever your reason for calling in sick, at least make it believable!

Whether employees are genuinely ill or are just faking it for an extra day in bed, is known only to them but there is a growing trend of more British workers not taking a sickie when perhaps they should. According to a recent survey, one in four workers is too scared to call in sick for fear of their boss thinking they take too much time off. Is this a sign of a new trend towards pulling a sickie being seen as a major taboo, or is it more of a case of unfair work pressure from the nation’s bosses?

Have you ever pulled a sickie? We want to hear your best excuses, tweet us and join the conversation on Twitter @Zoekappuk

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