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Naughty Secret Santa gifts: The good, the rude and the funny

Published: Wednesday 16th December 2020

It’s that time of year when everyone is having a last minute dash around for a Secret Santa present. The concept is a way of having some fun with your colleagues and celebrating Christmas in a budget friendly way. In recent years this has seen a rise in many adult-themed naughty Secret Santa gifts. But how far should you go?

Here’s some Secret Santa gift ideas to help you make the perfect purchase. We’ve selected these ideas with a £10 budget in mind. Let’s start off with a nice tasteful present that anyone in the office would enjoy!

A good Secret Santa gift

A spider catcher

Have you ever seen your office descend into panic when a spider runs across someone’s desk? There’s no longer any need for your co-worker to need to take their shoe off in an attempt to flatten the poor bugger. 

Naughty Secret Santa gifts - Spider Catcher

They can now use this spider catcher! Not only will it keep the spider at arms length, it won’t harm them, and you can place them safely on a colleagues head. Only joking of course, outside is always the most professional option. 

A rude Secret Santa gift

Stress Balls

Work can be one of the most stressful places for us to be. It could be down to a high workload, a horrible boss, or just a general dislike for the job. But an ordinary stress ball simply will not do. You need the kind that will make them laugh every time they give it a squeeze. 

Not to mention, at a price of only £6.99, you could top up your budget with some chocolate willies or a very cheap bottle of wine. 

A funny Secret Santa gift 

A relevant book

Hear me out! Books might sound boring, but this time of year always throws up some very funny editions that you can choose from. If there’s a colleague over the age of 40, you could get them a Retirement Manual. The joke comes from the fact that you’re implying they look older than they are. 

Secret Santa gift book

But if you work around a younger crowd, maybe check out a book titled – How to poo at work. Now that’s a situation we’ve all been in at some point, everyone can relate, and I’m really intrigued as to what advice it can offer.

If that’s still not the right book for your colleague, then how about – How to appear normal at social events. Hopefully nobody takes it too seriously and thinks you’re trying to call them a social weirdo. I guess that’s just part of the risk you take when you play Secret Santa.

More helpful ideas and tips

If you’re still struggling to buy a present, or maybe you’re new to doing Secret Santa, then watch our video below which is packed full of great advice on how you can win the day. 

Obviously Secret Santa isn’t a competition but you can still win or lose. Nobody wants to end up with a terrible present. Especially if you were very generous and thoughtful when buying your gift. So make sure you stick to the budget, try and do your shopping early so you don’t panic, and put some genuine thought into the gift you’re buying. 

Generic gifts are a tad lame. If you know someone likes golf, how about some camouflage coloured golf balls or some toilet putting practice. You get the idea. In recent years naughty Secret Santa gifts seem to have gone down the with the most success but the choice is yours! Best of luck with your Christmas shopping!

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