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New Job: How To Deal With Unexpected Challenges

Published: Wednesday 7th October 2015

A challenged employee walking out of his office with a blazer on his shoulder hanging

Viewers of the X-Factor might have been rather surprised when, on Saturday, Simon Cowell exited the stage angrily after learning he was assigned the over-25s as his mentoring group for this year’s version of the talent show, following a public vote. Although he later apologised for his behaviour on the show, candidates referred to his immediate response as being ‘discouraging’.

If you are starting a new job, there is a lesson to learn from Simon Cowell’s tantrum. How should you really deal with unexpected challenges?

Don’t Panic
How a person deals with unexpected challenges shows a lot about their potential leadership skills. Like Simon, some people may crumble under the pressure of the unknown, whereas others will rise to the challenge successfully and achieve things they didn’t think they could. As an immediate reaction, it is often best to take a moment before giving a response to the situation, so you can make sure your reaction is as composed as you would like it to appear. Impulsive and panicked reactions tend to make a situation worse, particularly when you work as part of a team, and are often a cause for regret. Don’t immediately think the worst, but know that the situation can be resolved.

Believe In Yourself
Challenges are a part of life. Everybody faces a challenge every now and then and we all have to find ways to overcome them. Yes, it is possible to make mistakes when faced with an unfamiliar situation, but mistakes are there to be learned from. If you take a more positive stance to the situation, you can consider a challenge to be an opportunity to show what you are really capable of. If you show your boss and your colleagues that you can cope well under pressure, this won’t go unnoticed.

Focus On The Bigger Picture
Why are you in the job you are in? And where would you like to be a few years from now? If you focus on the bigger picture and your long-term plans, it will become easier for you to deal with challenges. After all, they are all part of the career you chose to be in and the journey towards achieving your goals. At the same time, they can offer you an opportunity to learn and grow and show another side of yourself. When you turn an unexpected challenge into something positive, it might actually become an enjoyable experience.

Accept Help
You don’t need to face every unexpected challenge on your own. In many cases, it helps to know when and who to ask for help. Finding a solution together not only means that you are likely to solve the problem faster, but it could also lead to more collaboration in the future.

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