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Use personal branding to boost your job search 

Published: Friday 28th August 2020

It is likely that you already have an online presence, regardless of the amount of effort you have put into your personal branding. Without any additional material, it is likely that your google searches will reflect your social media activities. This is a good start as over 70% of employers use social media to screen potential candidates. Of course, you will need to ensure that you don’t harm your job search by being unprofessional on your channels. 

However, the job market has become increasingly competitive in recent times. Employers are now looking for candidates who stand out when they are searching on google. This means that you need to control your narrative, and you can do this by building a personal brand. Whether you are looking for a job in DesignMarketingIT or any other industry, it is important to showcase your skills and experience in a professional and positive way. This is your chance to shape how you present yourself to potential employers. 

Build trust and credibility  during your job search

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Some companies are often inundated with exceptional candidates, and the fact remains that they will not be unable to see everybody. You can boost your chances of being a credible candidate with the image that you portray. If employers can see that you have used job-related skills to form your branding, then that will go a long way. If you can build a level of trust as part of your job search, then that should give you an upper hand if you are successful in obtaining an interview. 

Comfortability is incredibly important, as this will help you to come across as clear and genuine. In addition, it can sometimes be difficult to bring all the elements of your application to life with a simple, written approach. Therefore, this is a great way to pinpoint some key skills which recruiters have stated that they are clearly looking for. 

Build valuable connections during your job search

Boosting your credibility by building a network of connections can help you to thrive in a digital world. If employers can see that industry-specific connections are interacting with you, this could really help your job search. Many companies actively encourage employees when it comes to building a personal brand. In a recent study, over 82% of people have said that they would trust a company more if their senior executives had an active online presence. 

man pointing at tablet screen and talking to consultant during job search

Therefore, a clean and crisp online presence could help to generate leads for your prospective company. Not having that personal touch may also result in your potential employers losing out on key business opportunities.  

Consistency is key 

Your personal branding could have the opposite effect if your presence is not backed up by consistency. It may harm your job search if a recruiter searches for your digital material and your professionalism and personality is not present throughout. It is recommended that your profile picture on your website and social media accounts is the same across all channels. Furthermore, interacting with industry-related topics should be standard practice in all facets of your online exposure. The correct use of imagery, grammar and ensuring that all content is appropriate are also contributing factors in maximising your chances of employment. 

Include personal branding on your CV 

CV with notepads and pen. Job search concept.

When you are looking for a job, you will almost certainly have to provide a CV. Of course, it is important to showcase your skills in the best possible way. If you are submitting a CV, make sure that you remember to include your personal branding as part of your job search. Websites, online portfolios and social media followings are great, but employers are likely to always look at your CV as their first port of call. 

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