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Preparing for your 2021 career move

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2021

Finding a new career path is ordinarily littered with challenges. People sometimes reach a stage in their job when they realise that this isn’t the right thing for them. Perhaps it’s a lack of passion for the cause or due to the high demands and stress of some jobs. When you do make the jump, there’s a lot of excitement as you start a new job in a new industry. But in order to start preparing for your 2021 career move and find a new job during covid-19, you’ll have to rely on digital resources.

A new career move is all about a change of ways

It’s becoming more and more common that people want change in their lives. Sometimes later in life after already achieving significant career goals, or sometimes early on, if they soon realise the job isn’t what they imagined. 

The reason for this increase is because of the vast options that are available to people who do want to change careers and learn new skills. There was a time when if you had spent years studying and working towards a career in the police force or as a paramedic, you would feel no option but to carry on, even if you disliked the job. The lack of resources and time just made it very difficult for most people, and it wasn’t financially viable.

word 2021 written on the road in the middle of asphalt road at sunset.Concept of planning and challenge or career path, new career move concept.

So how does someone who has spent years learning one trade, then reskill for another? One solution that is especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic is taking an online course.

In today’s world, there are online courses for every industry, universities that allow you to study remotely and part-time whilst working another job and a number of training institutes that deliver excellent courses that can get you guaranteed industry placements.

Digital-based learning 

Realistically, you could get into a profession in marketing, business management, or IT, simply by obtaining knowledge and qualifications available online. All these courses will allow you to learn through a range of methods. You can watch videos, examine case studies and PowerPoints, and engage in tests and assignments to help apply what you’ve learned.

Where there will be more difficulty, is getting into more practical jobs that require an element of one-to-one training. While you can find online courses centred around construction or nursing, for example, there could be challenges when it comes to the more hands-on part of the job.

You can still volunteer in sectors you wish to work in, or possibly get onto an apprenticeship, but some employers may have temporarily reduced the number of people they’re allowing to enter training positions.

The interview format has changed 

Computer screen view of woman sitting on couch looking at webcam. Applicant passes job interview by videoconference, virtual interview concept.

Many firms have adapted their interviewing processes in wake of the changing work environment, and you can expect to be screened and interviewed virtually. Video interviewing software, such as VidCruiter has become invaluable for companies and candidates. If you haven’t experienced this kind of interview before, it’s wise to practise. For instance, make sure you are comfortable with using the interview software and aware of your body language whilst talking over the webcam. Research how the organisation has adapted in response to the pandemic, and consider how best to greet your interviewer when you cannot shake their hand.

Making a career move during covid-19

You can use job boards such as Zoek or platforms such as LinkedIn to reach out and connect with people in the industry you wish to go into and ask them for advice and if they have any training opportunities available. Job hunting at the moment is challenging for candidates who are trying to find a job within their specialist area, largely due to the financial impact covid-19 has had on businesses. So, it’s important not to think that applying for lots of jobs is the answer. 

Remember you’re not alone! There’s a staggering number of people who opt for a career change. Remain positive, stay focused and keep in mind that preparing for your 2021 career move is about mindset – yours and others. 

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