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Creative ways to stand out in a competitive job market 

Published: Friday 16th October 2020

With the employment landscape changing, we look at creative ways to stand out in a competitive job market. As competition for jobs increases, it is important to do your best to get noticed. With so many people looking for work, simply sending in your CV and waiting for a reply is no longer enough. What is more, employers know the UK job market is competitive and therefore are often looking for candidates who go that extra mile. Therefore, to help you in your job search, we take a look at some of the most creative ways to stand out in a competitive job market.  

In a competitive job market, do things differently 

Of course, saying do things differently is easy. The hard part is actually doing it. However, being different does not always have to be difficult when trying to get more interviews in a competitive job market. Staying one step ahead can be as simple as redesigning your CV, researching potential employers and using social media to network. However, as competition for jobs becomes ever higher, job seekers are using ever more innovative ways to stand out. Therefore, whilst it may take a little effort to gain a competitive edge in the UK job market, the rewards are obvious. Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone, it may just land you that dream role.   

Sell yourself like the great product you are 

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It is sometimes easy to forget that when applying for a job you are simply selling yourself to prospective employers. Whilst we spend lots of time polishing our CVs, we spend much less time thinking about where we place them. Thanks to social media, there are now far more ways to market ourselves.  

One great way to is to create your own website. This allows you much more freedom and space in which to highlight your skills and experience. You can now build a beautiful-looking site easily, free and often in less than 30-minutes. Having your own website allows you to feature a portfolio of your work and other skills. Furthermore, you will be able to demonstrate other skills, including design and marketing/social media understanding.   

Social media can be your friend in a competitive job market

Using social media can be a great way to get noticed by more people. In addition to creating a website or landing page, videos have also emerged as a great tool. Videos and infographics are great ways of getting noticed. Furthermore, these can be easily shared through various media channels, enabling you to reach much more people than before. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are popular for this, LinkedIn remains perhaps the most effective. Post your CV and try to connect with people from the companies/sectors you wish to enter. However, you are advised to not post all the time. A constant stream of hire me posts may become annoying and come across as desperate.  

Take the fight to them 

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Being confident and proactive is hugely important when looking for work. Traditionally this perhaps meant researching potential employers and following up on applications. However, things have changed, and being proactive these days is often much more creative. Researching prospective employers is nothing new. However, social media means you can now learn much more about the company and people you will be working with. This allows you to identify key people involved in hiring, as well as learn about the kinds of things they look for in employees. Such information, such as shared interests, can really help your application and interview stand out from the rest. 

All’s fair in love, war and job seeking

The only thing holding you back really is how far are you willing to go. Of course, renting an advertising billboard or standing in a busy street handing out CVs may be too much for some. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be just as creative in less grand ways. When looking for an example of this, we did not have to go far. We recently ran a competition for people who had become unemployed because of Covid-19. The winner currently has their CV on the back of large trucks travelling up and down the country, giving them incredible exposure.  

When we contacted the winner, James Pemblington, he told us of his many different attempts to find work, including an edible CV and his own website. These things may sound complicated and a bit over the top. However, when you break the ideas down, you will see they are very achievable. For example, the edible CV is actually a brownie with a QR code attached, which takes you to an online copy of his CV. Competition for jobs can be quite extreme at times, and anything that helps you get noticed just a little more than everyone else is a good thing. 

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