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Strange jobs that you might not know about

Published: Thursday 17th January 2019

MIx of 7 of females and males in different professions

Everyone likes a bit of variety in their work, but some people’s careers really do take them into some weird and wonderful roles. From playing video games for a living to tasting beer to make ends meet, here are a few of the more eye-catching appointments we uncovered in the world of recruitment during 2018.

Game for it

video game tester - strange jobs


Video-gaming has become a huge worldwide industry, so it should come as little surprise that people are now being paid to test video games, as well as to create them. These are mostly young people, as that’s the market game manufacturers are targeting. Nevertheless, these individuals can be paid large salaries for their skills – some are competitive gamers and among the best in the world when it comes to the video game elite. As far as strange jobs go, this one sounds pretty awesome!

Sleeping on the job

Female sleep study - strange jobs

Surprisingly, we found several organisations recruiting for professional sleepers. One Finnish hotel employed someone to test the mattresses in the establishment’s rooms so they could look at ways to improve the sleeping experience of guests. And NASA regularly posts ads for sleepers for bed rest studies. Easy work if you can get it.

Panda Fluffer

This one even sounds like one of those strange jobs. Being one of the most endangered species in the world and notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, Panda’s need a little help when it comes to mating season. Which is why the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre is willing to pay a good wage for Panda Fluffers to encourage them in their amorous activities. If you can bear (sorry!) the work, you could earn up to 200,000 yuan (around £22,900 annually).

Have you got the balls for it?

Golf balls on a course

While diving might seem like a pretty normal job, you wouldn’t exactly expect to be hired by a golf club to do it. But some golf courses regularly advertise for divers to retrieve balls from water hazards. This mightn’t seem as dangerous as deep sea diving, but if you happen to be working in Florida where many of these pools are inhabited with alligators and venomous snakes that can get a little irritated when bombarded with golf balls in their favourite watering hole.

Working the graveyard shift

Does your job make you feel like crying sometimes? Spare a thought for the professional mourner. A traditional job in China and the Middle East, some positions have now opened up in the UK. Mind you, we’re not sure where you can get the training required to weep on demand at funerals.

This job’s a steal

Most employers are looking for honest employees, but if you’re in the security business, then knowing what the enemy is up can be helpful when it comes to stopping them. Which is why many stores hire ex-thieves as store detectives. There’s also a lot of work around for safebreakers and cyberhackers.

Fancy-free ice cream at work every day?

5 scoops of 5 different types of ice cream

Finally, eating ice cream is a job few people would turn their nose up to and it can be very well paid. According to Forbes, food scientists and tasters can earn up to $56,000 per year. We wouldn’t put this up there with some other strange jobs as much as a dream job!

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